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CFI with level on foundation in West Virginia

Foundation Cracks

If you notice cracks anywhere in your foundation, it is time to give us a call. Cracks in your foundation can be a sign of more serious issues occurring within your home.

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Cracks in your foundation are telltale signs that your home is experiencing foundation problems. Often, these cracks along your foundation mean that there is a problem with shifting or settlement. At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we can effectively diagnose the cause of your foundation cracks and permanently repair the issue.

Different Types of Foundation Cracks

You may have seen a variety of cracks and fissures around your property. Here are a few of the most common ones to look out for and what they mean.

External Cracks

If there are problems with your foundation, you can look for cracks on the outside of your home as well as in the walls. Cracks in your home’s brick or concrete siding can also be a sign that something is wrong with the foundation. If your foundation is sinking, it may become uneven in places. This causes your concrete or brick to crack because it can’t handle the pressure of your home moving. Some cracks outside the house may be normal, but if they are big, you should have a professional look at your property and the cracked areas.

Drywall Cracks

Even though cracks in drywall are common in many homes, most people don’t notice them. While they’re very common, they’re not just cosmetic problems. If there are cracks in your drywall, it could mean that your house is sinking and the foundation is weakening. Cracks in the drywall don’t usually happen on their own. Usually, other problems are going on at the same time. Some of these problems are holes in the walls, floor joists that move around, and walls that lean inward. If you find cracks in your drywall and some or all of the other signs listed here, you should contact a foundation repair expert like Basement Authority of West Virginia.

Basement Cracks

Cracks in your basement walls are a little bit more distressing than the walls of the rest of your house. This is because basement walls that have cracks allow water from the soil to enter. As a result of this, the basement can flood, causing damage to personal items and wooden structures in the basement. The structural integrity of your home’s basement could be placed in danger if wooden constructions get damp, causing them to decay and mold. If you discover water seeping from a crack in your basement, you should call a professional as soon as possible.


Plastering over the cracks in the basement may make it less of an eyesore, but it won’t address the underlying issue. It’s critical to get the cracks inspected and repaired by a specialist. The walls or floors will be better prepared for the future if they are repaired in a more professional manner. For foundational damage or weakening, you shouldn’t do anything but call in a professional to fix the fissures. Besides, foundations are built to withstand thousands of pounds of weight. When one section of a structure isn’t getting the support it needs, the whole thing can start to weaken and eventually fall apart.

They may seem minor, but drywall cracks can sometimes be a huge deal. Cracks in the drywall are one of the most prominent signs of a problem with your home’s foundation or structural integrity. Drywall cracks that go all the way through are more hazardous than hairline cracks, which are generally harmless. Deep drywall cracks have the potential to let in water, insects, outside air, and even mold. Therefore, if you observe deep fractures or an abundance of cracks in one place, you should get the cracks assessed.

Many homeowners believe they may save money by doing house repairs themselves rather than getting in touch with an expert. If you hire a professional, they might be able to cut away the troublesome drywall. But, if the crack is lengthy and deep, a professional will almost certainly have to remove a sizable section of the drywall before replacing it. Because the process of replacing your drywall is complex, we strongly advise that you get in touch with a professional repair company.

Call Us For A Free Inspection 

It is time to contact Basement Authority of West Virginia if you have noticed that your foundation’s walls are cracked.  Our professional crew will completely inspect your property for cracks in your basement, drywall, and external foundation. These inspections are entirely free and come with no obligations. We serve the communities of Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, and nearby with pride. We also know the effects of the hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters, as well as the well-draining sandy soil and how all these factors can impact your foundation. Contact us if you’re experiencing foundation cracks. We look forward to helping you create a safer home!

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