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Uneven Floors

Is your home plagued by uneven floors? This could be pointing to foundation instability. With the correct solutions from foundation repair specialists, you can make your floors stable and level once again. 

At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we’ve resolved thousands of uneven floor problems employing top-of-the-line methods. Through our extensive foundation solutions, you can fortify your foundation and benefit from enduring, stable floors! 

What is an Uneven Floor? 

Such conditions result in observable slants, inclines, and depressions in your floor. Uneven floors create constant disruptions in everyday tasks like walking or cooking—you may find your fruits tumbling off the kitchen counter! 

Uneven floors are typically a symptom of issues with your home’s foundation. When sections of this foundation sink or become unstable, they drag parts of the floor along, forming an uneven landscape. 

Just like the name implies, an uneven floor isn’t perfectly level. Parts of an uneven floor will seem higher or lower than other areas. 

What Causes an Uneven Floor? Understanding the Root of the Issue 

Multiple factors can lead to uneven floors in homes. Our inspection strategy is devised to identify each of these causes, so we can offer the most effective solutions. Usual suspects include: 

Foundation Settlement 

As time passes, the soil beneath portions of the foundation tends to compress or wash away. This causes the foundation to settle unevenly, which in turn impacts the floors above. 

Intrusive Tree Roots 

Tree roots growing near your property could eventually make their way beneath your home. When these roots expand, they exert force on your foundation, triggering structural flaws and consequently uneven floors. 

Excess Moisture 

Just as your house leans on its foundation for stability, the foundation relies on the soil surrounding it. Regrettably, moisture can disrupt the soil structure, causing issues. 

In certain zones, water leads to soil degradation, culminating in foundation settlement and, consequently, uneven floors. 

Yet, in regions with clay-heavy soil, moisture causes the soil to swell and press against your foundation, misaligning your interior floors. 

Can Uneven Floors Be Fixed? 

Absolutely, yes! Utilizing specialized foundation repair methods such as pier systems, we can re-level your floors while simultaneously addressing the underlying issues. 

Remember, superficial fixes like shims or sanding offer only a temporary appearance of levelness. Our foundation solutions provide a permanent remedy! 

At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we strengthen your foundation to prevent future instability. Our comprehensive approach to foundation repair leads to lasting fixes that homeowners have relied upon for years. 

Steps to Fix an Uneven Floor: A Detailed Guide 

Basement Authority of West Virginia has honed the floor leveling procedure over decades. If you opt to work with us, here’s what you can anticipate: 

1. Comprehensive Evaluation 

Our crew will thoroughly examine your uneven floors and identify the worst damage. We’ll also inspect for foundation deterioration and other related issues like moisture entry or weak supports. 

2. Foundation Pier Installation 

We’ll place pier systems where needed to gently elevate the floors back to a level state. These supports are custom engineered to evenly distribute your home’s weight. 

Depending on the nature and degree of the damage, we may use either slab piers, push piers, or helical piers. Regardless of the type chosen, be assured they all aim to secure your foundation. 

3. Additional Repairs 

If necessary, we’ll tackle other home issues like basement moisture or sinking concrete. This holistic approach helps prevent further foundation damage or its extension to other parts of your residence. 

Why Address Uneven Floors Now? 

Acting quickly is crucial when you notice signs of an uneven floor. If you choose to ignore uneven floors, you’re likely going to experience these issues: 

  • Continued settlement makes floors progressively worse 
  • Structural issues may develop if soils erode or supports fail 
  • Water-related problems can result in mold, wood rot, and health hazards 
  • Plumbing may be compromised due to shifting foundations 
  • Costs escalate as the damage gets worse 

Don’t let small floor issues escalate into major hazards or costly foundation failures. Basement Authority of West Virginia offers affordable, non-intrusive methods to stabilize foundations and restore floor evenness. 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Sustainable Solutions 

Concerned about your uneven floors? Basement Authority of West Virginia can assist. Our comprehensive floor leveling services have repaired countless foundations and floors across the state. 

We provide a complimentary, expert inspection and offer a same-day quote. Next, we devise a repair strategy tailored for your home. Our guaranteed solutions offer a lasting fix you can depend on. 

Uneven floors shouldn’t be ignored as they flag potential foundation problems. Contact our team today to book your free inspection and get your floors back to a stable position! 

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