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BasementGutter™ Below Floor Drain

Addressing the challenge of a damp, water-prone basement can be overwhelming for homeowners. It makes your living space uncomfortable and jeopardizes the structural integrity of your home. 

That’s why we offer the BasementGutter™ interior drainage system—a lasting, trustworthy solution for your basement’s moisture issues. As the leading basement waterproofing specialists in West Virginia, we offer drainage solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs. 

By the end of this page, you’ll see why choosing a superior interior drainage system is a critical step towards maintaining a dry basement—and an overall safer home. 

What is Interior Drainage? 

BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage is a revolutionary drainage system located along the internal edge of your basement. It efficiently directs water seeping down the walls or emerging from wall-floor joints to your sump pump for removal. 

The installation takes place within the sub-floor, strategically placed above the footing and away from the “mud zone,” which ensures a design immune to clogging. A 3/8” wall flange allows any water seeping from the walls to enter the Interior Drainage system smoothly. 

This drainage mechanism is an essential element of a comprehensive home waterproofing strategy, providing you peace and a healthier living atmosphere. 

Signs You Need Interior Drainage 

Observing any of the following symptoms means it’s time to consider installing an interior drainage system: 

Disregarding these issues will only lead to even worse damage over time. Reach out to a respected local professional like Basement Authority of West Virginia as soon as you notice these symptoms. 

Prompt intervention can shield your home from critical damages and avoid hefty repair expenses

Is Interior Drainage Essential? 

Absolutely. Failing to establish a correct interior drainage system can lead to a myriad of issues such as structural degradation and damage to personal belongings stored in your basement. 

DIY remedies and superficial fixes are not recommended as they usually offer only a temporary solution. The responsibility of waterproofing basements is best left to experienced professionals, like the team at Basement Authority of West Virginia. 

Incorporating BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage in our comprehensive home solutions safeguards the stability and security of your property. 

Benefits of an Interior Drainage System? 

  • Protects Against Water Damage: An interior drainage system is incredibly useful because it redirects water from walls and floors, prevents standing water, and safeguards your belongings while minimizing mold risk. 
  • Integrates with Other Solutions: It is designed to synchronize with our other waterproofing solutions and is compatible with basement wall repair systems. 
  • Boosts Foundation Durability: By redirecting water from walls and floors, it maintains the foundation’s health, preventing deterioration and cracks. 
  • Offers Peace of Mind: Our reliable drainage system promises effective water management, alleviating concerns, even during heavy rainfall

To capitalize fully on these benefits, utilizing our specialized products and services is crucial. Our solutions are crafted to exceed conventional ones, offering supreme protection. 

How We Install BasementGutter™ Internal Drainage 

wing a detailed home evaluation and verification of the need for our interior drainage system, our certified installation process includes: 

  • Removing 6-12 inches of concrete around the internal perimeter.  
  • Drilling weep holes in the lower sections of the concrete block walls to allow water movement.  
  • Placing the drainage inside the trench and backfilling with gravel.  
  • Mounting a vapor barrier on the walls above for added protection.  
  • Connecting the drainage channel to a sump pump.  
  • Filling the excavated concrete floor sections with new cement.  

Our comprehensive waterproofing process also includes installing a dehumidifier and an anti-freeze discharge line attachment. Working together with BasementGutter™, your home is protected from all forms of moisture! 

For skilled installation and lasting results, trust Basement Authority of West Virginia. 

Why Choose Our Interior Drainage for Your Home? 

The BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage System is distinguished by its innovative features and dependability, including: 

  • Cutting-edge anti-clog design 
  • Rapidly traps water from walls, floors, and wall-floor joints  
  • Seamless integration with other waterproofing solutions  
  • Complete warranty  
  • Optional yearly maintenance plans  

Other drainage choices often fall short due to clogs. That’s why the BasementGutter™ Interior Drainage, exclusive to Basement Authority of West Virginia, is the best choice in the long run. 

Connect with Basement Authority of West Virginia for Interior Drainage Solutions Today! 

Don’t let a water-invaded basement depreciate your property’s value and safety. Choose Basement Authority of West Virginia for dependable, superior solutions. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation inspection. 

Our revolutionary drainage system provides unmatched protection for your most valuable assets. Homeowners in West Virginia have been relying on us to reinforce and rejuvenate their homes for decades. We are here to help you too. 



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