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Stormwater Overflows Can Create Wet Flooded Basements

Heavy rain from a thunderstorm can create a muddy mess in your backyard, as well as a wet or flooded basement, when your home's stormwater system is overwhelmed. There are easy and 'green' ways for homeowners to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff.

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That quick thunderstorm with heavy rain can create a muddy mess in your backyard, as well as a wet or flooded basement. At this time of year, gutters, french drains and other drain pipes clogged with leaves and debris can allow water to be trapped on your property.

The first step is to clean those gutters and drain pipes, ensuring that they remain clear and clean so they can remove water quickly and efficiently. (French drains aren’t cleaned so easily, as debris tends to collect in the bottom of these drains over time.)

Believe it or not, trees planted on your property can also help to control stormwater, as they tend to soak up excess water. Larger trees should not be planted near your home, but smaller trees like dogwood and serviceberry can be planted in areas where water tends to collect beside your home.

Another possible solution is adding a rain barrel near your home to collect rainwater. Could you use an extra 55 gallons of free water on your home garden? Of course you could. Rain barrels have been used for centuries and are a great “green” way to reduce some of the stormwater runoff. Of course, you will want to drain away any excess water away from your home after your rain barrel fills — and not just allow this water to overflow the barrel beside your foundation.

If your french drains are clogged and can’t be cleaned, there’s another solution available rather than digging up around your foundation and installing new french drains. Basement Authority of West Virginia utilizes a state-of-the-art waterproofing system to keep basements and crawl spaces dry throughout the area — without major excavation around your home!

If you have a wet basement or crawl space, or even excess stormwater runoff, contact the experts at Basement Authority of West Virginia today for a free, no obligation inspection. We are the area’s waterproofing experts!

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