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Leaking Basement Windows

Many things can go wrong with your window wells, and leaks and water damage are often the results of these faulty windows and window wells.

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Homeowners are increasingly using every aspect of their property, including the basement. Basement windows and window wells are essential. Without window wells, below-ground windows wouldn’t work. They let in natural light and offer drainage systems to minimize water buildup. However, window wells that leak can ruin a basement.

What Causes Leaky Windows 

There could be many reasons for your leaking basement windows and window wells. Here are some of the most common causes.

Clogged Window Wells

To stop water from accumulating and pouring into the basement, window wells with gravel or rock in the bottom are most frequently employed. This rock allows the water to seep into the ground as opposed to pressing on the window. You can have a problem if the window well drains become clogged. When debris accumulates at the bottom of the window well, it can make it more challenging for water to seep into the gravel. Instead of emptying, it builds up. It won’t take long for this obstruction to get so bad that water is pushing up on your glass. Usually, it just takes a short while before something starts to come in through the window.

Heavy Rain

Excessive rain and flooding can still cause issues, even if the window well and drainage system are working well. Because of the difficulty the ground has in absorbing a lot of rain at once, flooding is possible when a lot of rain falls at once, especially after a drought. This torrential downpour is especially problematic if you have a window well. If you don’t have a window well cover or have a low-quality cover, that window well is an open invitation for water to enter your home.

Deteriorating Window

The frames of older windows are typically made of low-grade steel or wood, neither of which is resistant to the effects of the elements. These subpar window frames are susceptible to deterioration from the elements, specifically water, sunshine, and temperature shifts between the interior and exterior of the home. After investing in inexpensive window frames for a period of just a few years, they can become damaged and start leaking water. Frequent inspections should be performed to look for the telltale symptoms of window deterioration, such as corrosion, rust, discoloration, and trouble opening or closing the windows.


The majority of the areas of West Virginia are prone to wet weather and flooding. If a basement window well’s drainage is clogged or malfunctioning, the water will continue to press against the window and wall until it finds its way inside the basement. The damage will begin to occur as soon as it is inside, including mold growth, efflorescence, and issues with humidity. Water problems will eventually spread throughout the house, resulting in an unpleasant living situation and high utility costs.

The most dangerous thing that could harm your property is perimeter saturation. Both purchasing and maintaining high-quality drainage systems are crucial. Water can amass substantially less around your property if your roof gutters and downspouts are kept free of obstructions and pointed toward the street. It’s also crucial to have a window well cover and drain that work correctly.

Regular maintenance is very important. However, for even greater security, Foundation Systems of West Virginia provides basement waterproofing options, such as interior drainage, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers, all of which assist keep basements secure and dry. These precautions can help safeguard your basement and its structure even if your basement windows start to leak, helping you to relax and save money.

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Basement Authority of West Virginia is the company to call if you have a leaking window or window well. We deal with these kinds of problems every day. If you notice your basement windows are leaking water, you should contact us for a free inspection and repair estimate as soon as possible. We will check your basement for free and without any obligation if you want to see if there is any damage that could mean your foundation or basement is failing. Our crew has the skills and tools to fix your basement so it won’t leak. If you ignore signs that water is getting into your basement, the damage will only get worse. Because of this, you should keep an eye on your Charleston, Morgantown, or Huntington home.

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