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CFI with level on foundation in West Virginia

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors foundation walls strong and protected from damage. Without this solution, your home may be at risk for major structural problems.

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Homes rely on the sturdiness of their foundation to stay intact. Without this important structure, your entire home would be unable to function. Wall anchors prevent foundation damage from occurring, and you can identify certain problem signs to see if you need them. Here, we’ll go over everything homeowners in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Wheeling, and surrounding areas need to know about wall anchors. 

How Wall Anchors Work

Wall anchors provide exceptional support by making use of both the interior and exterior of your foundation wall. Here’s what to expect during the installation process.

  1. Excavating the Soil: First, our team needs to implant the exterior earth plates of the wall anchor system into the more stable soil away from your foundation. These need to be placed so our team can eventually attach them to interior wall plates. While some exterior excavation is necessary, it will not totally ruin your yard, and our team will clean up afterwards. 
  2. Drilling Holes: Next, our team drills holes through the basement wall and extends a rod out through the wall to attach to the exterior earth plate. The rod also is attached to the internal wall plate. After the placement, your wall is bolstered, but one additional task still remains. 
  3. Tightening: Finally, our team will tighten the rods in order to push your foundation walls back into their proper place. With specialized training, our team gently tightens the rod to avoid additional cracking in your wall. Even better, the rods can be adjusted over time to better adapt to your foundation wall.

What Makes Our Wall Anchors Stand Out?

  • They can restore foundation walls back to their original position, saving your home from multiple foundation problems such as wall cracks. 
  • They raise the value of your home by providing it with unwavering protection, an appealing trait to any potential buyer.
  • They can be adjusted over time to suit the changing needs of your foundation walls, just ask about our annual maintenance.

Signs Your Home Will Benefit from Wall Anchors

Walls Are Bowing Inward

If you discover that the walls of your foundation are beginning to bow inward, bow, buckle, or warp, a wall anchor will most likely be required to strengthen the weakened wall or walls. Due to the warping, bowing walls frequently contain cracks, so keep an eye out for those as well.

Walls Are Leaking

Unstable walls may begin to break as a result of hydrostatic pressure, allowing water to enter. Your walls may leak as a result, and the water will eventually collect beneath the wall, causing water damage. Excess humidity, as well as the formation of mold, can be caused by leaking walls.

Cracks in the Wall

Another clue that you need wall anchors is if you detect cracks running horizontally across your basement walls, in addition to inward bowing walls. This is most likely due to earth pressing against your basement’s walls. The warning indication should be taken seriously, as fissures might jeopardize your foundation’s stability.


Yes. Basement Authority of West Virginia offers other foundation repair solutions such as specialized wall repair beams and carbon fiber reinforcements for failing foundation walls. However, the type of solution we use depends greatly on the size of your yard, the extent of the damage, and the foundation type. Certain solutions work better for walls with minor damage, and others work better with moderately to severely bowed walls. No matter what, we have a wall repair solution that will work best for you.

It’s true, your entire home depends on the strength of your foundation. Without it, your floors, walls, furniture, ceilings, and everything else in your home would collapse and become damaged. Moreover, foundation damage can lead to subtler problems such as increased energy bills, mold growth, or wood rot. At the end of the day, foundation health is one of the keys to a properly functioning home. Investing in a permanent foundation solution is well worth it.

No. Wall anchors are not available to the average consumer. They require extensive training and the proper tools to install without error. Don’t look to DIY solutions either, as hardware store materials don’t solve the actual problem behind foundation damage. Leave foundation repair to a professional team of foundation specialists.

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As mentioned, without a fully functional foundation, your home is at risk for serious damage. Wall anchors can keep your foundation walls secure and protected so that your home functions properly. Basement Authority of West Virginia serves homeowners in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Wheeling, and surrounding areas, and helps them repair their faulty foundation walls. Contact us to learn more about foundation repair and to schedule a free inspection with one of our foundation specialists.

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