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Channel Anchors

At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we’ve specialized in basement restoration for two decades. One crucial instrument we use to halt basement wall issues is our channel anchor system. Our team oversees the entire operation, from evaluation to personalized installation, providing you with a steady, durable basement. 

What Are Channel Anchors? 

Channel anchors are a unique form of foundation stabilization engineered to close fissures and fortify walls. The system comprises steel earth anchors inserted into the ground outside your foundation. Threaded rods link these earth anchors to steel channel brackets affixed to your basement wall’s interior. 

These channels extend almost from floor to ceiling and are firmly bolted to the floor for effective bracing force. By anchoring into stable earth, the system counteracts weak soil and stops inward wall movement. Channel anchors also offer the opportunity to gradually align your walls over time. 

5 Signs You Need Channel Anchors 

You may require channel anchors if you notice these signs of foundation instability: 

By neutralizing soil problems and reinforcing your foundation, channel anchors address the root cause of structural issues. 

Is a Channel Anchor System Necessary? 

Ignoring bowing walls can aggravate the issue. Soil issues and water infiltration through wall cracks (both common in West Virginia) will accelerate wall damage. 

This can lead to water damage, mold proliferation, and expensive structural repairs. In extreme cases, significantly weakened walls may collapse. 

Channel anchors provide a reliable solution by protecting against weak soil. Combined with our comprehensive basement waterproofing solutions, channel anchors offer effective moisture mitigation! 

What Are the Benefits of Channel Anchors? 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s channel anchor system grants homeowners these advantages: 

  • Halts and prevents further wall movement 
  • Facilitates potential wall realignment  
  • Restores structural integrity without complete foundation replacement 
  • Protects against soil pressure and moisture-related damage 
  • Minimal impact on home and landscaping 
  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy-coated anchors 
  • Conveniently installs around utilities without extensive demolition 

By thwarting additional foundation complications, channel anchors boost your home’s value and prevent expensive repairs. Our crew manages the entire process professionally from assessment to tailored installation. 

How We Install Channel Anchors: 7 Steps 

Our certified specialists adhere to rigorous steps to customize your channel anchor system: 

1. Initial inspection to map anchor locations 

One of our certified basement repair specialists examines your basement walls to pinpoint the ideal locations for installing channel anchors, based on areas displaying signs of bowing or tilting. This tailored planning ensures a system adjusted to your home’s specific needs. 

2. Drill holes for earth anchors around the external foundation 

Our installers will dig around the outer edge of your foundation at the predetermined anchor spots using robust earth augers. They aim to reach down to stable soil strata beneath surface problems. 

3. Create small apertures in basement walls for anchor rods 

Small openings, approximately 1-2 inches in diameter, will be bored into your foundation walls to correspond with the exterior earth anchor points. Steel anchor rods are then inserted and driven into these exterior anchor openings. 

4. Attach rods to earth anchors and secure anchors in solid soil 

These steel rods are firmly connected to the earth anchors using sturdy nuts and washers, creating an integrated system anchored in solid, stable soil. The soil is then replaced and tamped down around each anchor. 

5. Fasten channel brackets to inner walls over anchor rods 

After the exterior earth anchors are in place, steel channel brackets are fastened to your basement’s inside walls. The channel anchors slide over the steel rods that protrude through the small wall punctures. 

6. Secure floor brackets to concrete for stability 

For optimal structural support, the channel anchors are anchored to your concrete basement floor with steel brackets, fastened by lag bolts. This ensures the channel anchors stay immobile. 

7. Incrementally straighten walls by adjusting anchor rods 

After installation, the steel rods can be gradually tightened to slowly reposition your foundation walls. This is performed cautiously, with intermittent adjustments over time. 

With an enduring reputation for quality, Basement Authority of West Virginia guarantees that your channel anchor system will safeguard your home efficiently and securely. 

Why Choose Basement Authority of West Virginia for Channel Anchors 

For unmatched channel anchors supported by accredited expertise, opt for Basement Authority of West Virginia. 

  • Proprietary channel anchors engineered for peak performance 
  • Complimentary inspection and quote 
  • Optional maintenance to ensure continued protection 
  • Nationally recognized service and excellence 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Channel Anchors Today! 

Don’t let your foundation issues worsen. Our channel anchors offer a proven method that permanently stabilizes your foundation. Reach out to Basement Authority of West Virginia today for your free inspection! 


Most channel anchor setups are finished in less than a day. Minimal digging and small wall perforations expedite the installation process. 

Our experts cautiously adjust the anchor rods over several years. This methodical approach incrementally returns walls to their original position. Annual maintenance ensures this realignment process is conducted safely. 

Generally, major remodeling is not obligatory following the channel anchor installation. The anchors can seamlessly integrate with your existing basement finish, or any post-installation remodeling will be minimal. 


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