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Sticking Doors and Windows

Sticking doors and windows are more than just a nuisance, they are also signs that your home is suffering from some type of foundation damage.

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If you notice that your home’s doors and windows are sticking, then you could have a foundation problem. While the sticking doors and windows may not seem like a big deal, it’s very important to have your home evaluated by a professional like Basement Authority of West Virginia. We have the skills to assess and repair the issue.

What Causes Sticking Doors and Windows

Doors and windows around your home can become stuck or difficult to open and close for many reasons. Here are some of the most common causes behind this issue.

Foundation Settlement

One of the major causes of sticking doors and windows is foundation settlement. West Virginia’s Monongahela soil has a tendency to settle. And while soil settlement causes foundations and slabs to crack, the wood framing supported above the slabs is more susceptible to twisting and bending. As a result, windows and doors start to stick when trying to be opened or closed. Drywall that is screwed or nailed to a wood frame is less flexible and more prone to cracking, especially around windows and doors. Cracks in the upper masonry surfaces of a house made of brick or stone are indicative of a settled foundation because of the materials’ inflexibility.

Sinking Crawl Space Supports

Too few support columns, decaying floor joists and girders, and weak soils can cause the supports to sink in poorly designed crawl spaces, which are common in many homes.  The crawl spaces begin to sink, and so do the floors they support, creating uneven ground beneath your feet. As the floor sinks, it will also pull down the walls inside your home that are attached to it. Internal wall cracks occur because of the walls pulling apart as they sink with the floor. Doors and windows will become jammed as the home becomes distorted.

Poor Soil Preparation

Poor soil preparation from the beginning of your foundation’s construction can also cause problems with the soil. Many steps must be taken by a construction crew when they first pour the foundation of your home. You could end up with a foundation that lacks a solid soil base if the construction crew shortens these steps or doesn’t follow them accurately. For your home to function correctly, it is necessary to prepare the soil before pouring the foundation. Because improper soil preparation can affect your entire house, doors and windows may stick as a result.


In general, windows and doors that are difficult to open and close might indicate a number of difficulties, including frame warping and deformation, hinge deterioration, structural damage and movement. Unless there is a clear cause, such as broken or clogged hinge mechanisms, sticking windows and doors require a thorough analysis due to the variety of probable underlying causes. If your doors and windows are sticking, the problem is probably not simple. There could be a severe issue with your foundation, putting your home and way of life at risk of structural instability.

While it may seem easy to repair doors and windows on your own, it usually leads to more damage. There are several supposed do-it-yourself solutions for stuck windows and doors, but most of them are not effective. These DIY fixes are typically temporary solutions that can exacerbate some of your issues. They may delay the problem for a few weeks or months, but that is not sufficient to maintain the health of your home and foundation. You want a solution that addresses the fundamental problem, which is why you should call a skilled foundation services company to repair your stuck doors and windows properly and permanently.

Your windows and doors may not stick equally on both sides of your house, which is something you may have already noticed. It’s possible that you have uneven floors if your home’s stuck windows and doors are only on one side of the house. This likely means you have differential settlement on one side of your house, meaning that the foundation has settled more on that side than on the other. A single window or door or multiple doors and windows on one side of the home can be affected as a result of the settlement.

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If you are starting to notice that the doors and windows of your home stick when you attempt to open or close them, it is time to contact a company like Basement Authority of West Virginia. Our skilled team will thoroughly assess your home for any type of foundation damage, including sticking doors and windows. These inspections are completely free and come at no obligation to you. Because we are locally based and live throughout the West Virginia communities we serve, we understand how your foundation is affected by the hot and humid summers, mild and rainy winters, and well-drained but tricky Monongahela soil. Don’t suffer with sticking doors and windows and other foundation issues. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate today! 

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