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When you notice your floors are sagging, bouncy, or not level, it’s a sign that the crawl space beneath your house might not be providing the necessary support. These symptoms can lead to a host of structural problems within your home. 

At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we specialize in addressing floor issues with leading crawl space repair solutions. Our SettleStop™ IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are designed to support your floor joists firmly, enhancing the strength of your floor system and, by extension, your entire house. 

By exploring this page, you’ll discover why our IntelliJack™ system is a leading choice for homeowners throughout West Virginia for their installation needs. 

What is the IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jack? 

IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks are advanced support systems created to solve prevalent structural issues such as sagging and bouncing floors. 

These durable steel supports are carefully positioned under floor joists and securely connected to the beams above, providing unparalleled stability and reinforcing the floor structure below. 

Boasting a load capacity that can exceed 24,000 pounds per jack, the IntelliJack™ ensures your floors are properly supported, remedying any unevenness or bounce. They have been rigorously tested and comply with the highest industry safety standards. 

Our IntelliJack™ system is unique with its adjustable design, which allows precise realignment for lasting floor stability, a vital aspect of maintaining the structural health of your home. 

Investing in this crawl space repair solution means committing to holistic home care, prioritizing not just immediate fixes but also the future integrity and safety of your dwelling. 

Signs You Need Crawl Space Jacks 

Recognizing early signs of floor and joist deterioration is crucial to prevent more severe problems. Symptoms that suggest you might need crawl space repairs include: 

These symptoms can indicate that your home’s structural integrity is at risk, prompting the need for immediate action to avert additional damage and maintain the safety and comfort of your living space. 

Is Crawl Space Repair Necessary? 

Certainly, rectifying issues in your crawl space is crucial because it plays an indispensable role in upholding your home’s foundation. Ignoring signs like sagging floors can escalate into substantial structural damage, leading to considerable repair costs and potential safety risks. 

DIY fixes often fail to address the deep-rooted problems related to crawl space damage. Moreover, entering a crawl space without the right equipment can be dangerous and lead to injuries. Incorrect installations could exacerbate the existing issues. 

It’s wise to rely on professionals with the appropriate tools, expertise, solutions, and safety protocols. The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jack system presents a modern remedy, promptly correcting floor issues, preventing future complications, and ensuring the structural endurance of your home. 

What Are the Benefits of Crawl Space Jacks? 

Opting for crawl space jacks for your repairs offers several advantages, such as: 

  • Improved Structural Reinforcement: The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks provide unmatched support to weakened floor joists, enhancing your home’s overall stability. 
  • Reduced Floor Noise: Our jacks help diminish floor squeaks and movement. 
  • Possibility of Floor Correction: Our jacks are engineered not just to stabilize but also to potentially revert your floors to their original, flat condition. 
  • Mitigation of Future Damage: Strengthening weak joists helps prevent major damage, especially in homes with foundation settlement concerns. 
  • Lasting Durability: Made from steel, the IntelliJack™ system is designed for longevity, offering a solid solution to your home’s structural problems. 

Selecting Basement Authority of West Virginia for specialized solutions and expert installation means you’ll benefit fully from these crawl space jacks. We are devoted to providing top-quality, efficient service focused on the safety and resilience of your home. 

How We Install Crawl Space Jacks 

The Basement Authority of West Virginia’s method for correcting sagging floors is comprehensive, also integrating crawl space encapsulation to further solidify your home’s structural integrity. Our procedure involves: 

Our crawl space jacks work in unison with other repair methods, like encapsulation, to deliver an all-encompassing solution for a safer, more durable foundation. 

Why Our Crawl Space Jacks are the Best Choice for Your Home  

Our IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jacks deliver essential structural support to your home, ensuring the safety and longevity of your property. Reasons to choose our jacks include:  

  • Outstanding Load Capacity: Each jack is capable of supporting an immense weight, providing assured stability.  
  • Adjustability for a Custom Fit: Our jacks are adaptable to meet precise requirements, ensuring correct alignment and enduring support.  
  • Sturdy, Rust-Resistant Build: Made of steel, our jacks are both tough and resistant to corrosion.  
  • Certified and Verified: IntelliJack™ meets strict industry benchmarks, affirmed by extensive testing and certification.  
  • Comprehensive Property Stabilization: In combination with our other crawl space solutions, our jacks offer a complete system that stabilizes your floors while the crawl space stays dry.  

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Leading Crawl Space Repair!  

The IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Jack system offers West Virginia homeowners an effective way to stabilize and potentially restore the integrity of their homes.  

With Basement Authority of West Virginia, you’re choosing a partner committed to the longevity and safety of your home. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost inspection and take the first step towards a fortified foundation. 



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