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Foundation Repair Solutions

It’s important to address foundation problems right away before they become dangerous to your home and family. We’ve got the trusted repair solutions you need to keep both of them safe for years to come.

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Our Foundation Repair Solutions

The best time to invest in foundation repair solutions is the minute you notice a common foundation problem sign like bowing walls and sagging floors. If you wait too long, the problem will continue to get worse to the point of dangerous structural failures. However, our foundation repair solutions can help. Contact us today to schedule a free foundation inspection for your Charleston or Huntington home.

Crawl Space Supports

Does your home have sagging or uneven floors? This is likely caused by a problem with the joists in your crawl space. West Virginia is wet, and crawl space moisture can weaken your house’s structure causing the floors to sink. If you act fast before wood rot sets in, we can relevel your floors with IntelliJack™ support posts and save you thousands of dollars. If you wait too long, the joists will rot, and you will find yourself faced with the task of rebuilding your floor rather than simply lifting it.

Helical and Push Pier Systems

Pier systems are one of the most lasting foundation repair solutions we offer. We love them, and so do our customers, because it is the only repair that remains unseen. Both helical and push piers work similarly, but the installation looks different.

Helical piers have helical grooves like the threads on a screw and are screwed into the ground until they reach the load-bearing bedrock below. Push piers, on the other hand, are installed using hydraulic force. The bedrock holds the piers up, and the piers hold the foundation. This repair bypasses any future soil settlement concerns.

Wall Anchors

Wall anchors are a gradual solution that helps to straighten the walls of your foundation or basement over a period of time. Wall anchors work exceptionally well to alleviate hydrostatic pressure that causes walls to crack, bow, and falter. For this repair, a technician drills a hole and inserts a steel rod. They attach a plate to both inside the wall and outside in the ground and tighten the interior end of the rod so that the pressure will gradually straighten the wall.

Wall Repair System

Another durable solution for walls affected by hydrostatic pressure is the IntelliBrace™ wall repair system. Like a wall anchor, it is one of the most effective long-term solutions to repairing damaged basement and foundation walls. Let the experts at Basement Authority of West Virginia shore up your basement and protect the structure of your home with our proven IntelliBrace™ wall repair system.

The First Choice for West Virginia Foundation Repair Solutions

Is your home’s foundation giving way to the ever-present environmental factors imposed upon it? If so, Basement Authority of West Virginia has the durable foundation repair solutions you need to protect your home. Our team has extensive experience fixing foundations throughout West Virginia in communities like Charleston, Huntington, and nearby, and we can help you fix yours too.

Whether you need crawl space supports to level out your floor or a complete pier system to support your foundation, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your free foundation inspection.

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