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Slab Piers

Your home should be a sanctuary, a safe space both in terms of structure and security for your family. Unfortunately, a settling foundation puts your most important assets at risk, but we have an effective solution for you. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s slab piers are engineered to not only stabilize your foundation but also to potentially lift it back to its original state. As West Virginia’s leading experts in foundation stabilization since 2003, we offer an array of repair options to ensure that your home stays rock-solid for years to come. 

This page guides you through the essential aspects of slab piers, detailing why they may be necessary for your West Virginia home, and the benefits that you can expect if you choose our specialized products and services. 

What Are Slab piers? 

Slab piers are strong steel columns that are mechanically driven deep into the ground beneath your home’s foundation. They are crafted to penetrate beyond the surface soil to reach stable bedrock or weight-bearing strata, serving as a reliable anchor for your foundation. 

As a cornerstone of our all-encompassing strategy for home stabilization, slab piers synergize with our other home repair services like basement waterproofing or crawl space repair. This holistic approach guarantees your home’s structural integrity for the foreseeable future and adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind. 

Signs You Need Slab Piers 

Foundation problem signs are varied, and usually finding one means there are other issues just around the corner. If you observe any of the following symptoms, push piers are highly recommended:   

This list isn’t exhaustive—check here for even more foundation problem signs. Ignoring these issues could make the situation even worse and lead to more expensive repairs.   

Prompt consultation with a local specialist like Basement Authority of West Virginia is essential to prevent further damage.  

Are Slab Piers Necessary? 

Without slab piers, a cracked floor like this will only get worse.

Undoubtedly. Procrastinating on foundation repair will only escalate the severity of foundation settling, thereby making it considerably more challenging and expensive to remedy. 

Our integrated strategy incorporates slab piers to fortify your foundation, and under specific conditions, even restore it to its original level. Tackling the issue early can save you both money and unnecessary emotional stress. 

During a no-cost inspection, our qualified professionals can suggest other suitable solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, such as helical piers or push piers. 

What Are the Benefits of Slab Piers? 

Our pier systems come with unmatched durability and efficacy. Each installation is customized to your home’s specific needs, offering: 

  • Guaranteed Long-lasting Stability  
  • Protection Against Future Damage 
  • Potential Foundation Lifting  
  • Personalized Support  
  • Comprehensive Structural Solutions  
  • Lifetime Warranty  

To fully benefit from these features, choose Basement Authority of West Virginia’s specialized slab piers rather than generic alternatives. 

How We Install Slab Piers  

The installation of slab piers differs slightly from other types of foundation piers, such as helical and push piers. Our specialized process includes:  

  • Thorough inspection by qualified experts  
  • Removal of impacted flooring  
  • Drilling a hole through the slab to expose the footing  
  • Fitting a bracket beneath the footing  
  • Extending pier sections underground  
  • Monitoring depths and capacities of piers  
  • Capping the pier  
  • Mounting a bracket on the slab  
  • Transferring your home’s weight to the newly installed pier  
  • Filling the hole with concrete for a smooth finish  

This process has helped thousands of homeowners over the years, and you can read more about why people trust us in their reviews. If you’re looking for the most helpful and efficient installation in Colorado, consider working with us!  

Why Our Slab Piers Are the Best Choice for Your Home 

In addition to the advantages listed above, our push pier system also offers: 

  • Superior steel quality  
  • Additional protective sleeves for enhanced durability  
  • Concealed appearance after installation  
  • Routine installation quality checks  
  • Lifetime warranty for lasting peace of mind  
  • Optional annual maintenance plan  
  • Capability for year-round installation  

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Slab Piers Today! 

Don’t allow a compromised foundation to cause irreversible damage to what you cherish most.  

Immediate action is crucial; the more you delay, the more severe and costly the damage will become. West Virginia homeowners have relied on our superior customer service and high-quality foundation solutions for many years. 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia today for a complimentary, no-obligation inspection. Our specialized slab piers offer a lasting solution for your foundation and may even return it to its original condition! 



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