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Push Piers

A strong foundation is crucial for the safety and stability of your home. Because of how much your home depends on its foundation, a settling foundation not only threatens your house’s structure but also puts your loved ones at risk. 

Don’t overlook issues like cracked drywall or jammed windows and doors. Many homeowners across West Virginia face such challenges, but we have a solution for you. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s SettleStop™ push piers offer a lasting fix, designed to steady your foundation (and potentially even lift it back to its original position). As a leading name in foundation repair, our comprehensive services keep your home safe and sound. 

This page will highlight what push piers actually are, why they are a fantastic tool for foundation repair, and the many long-lasting benefits that come with our products. 

What Are Push Piers? 

Push Piers are made of durable steel rods that are mechanically driven into the ground beneath your home’s foundation. These piers go deep—bypassing unstable soils until they reach a stable layer (like bedrock) to provide a secure base for your foundation. 

Push piers work seamlessly as part of our wide-reaching approach to home repair. We also offer services like basement waterproofing and crawl space repair to provide long-lasting safety. This ensures your home’s structure stays supported for years to come. 

Signs You Need Push Piers 

Foundation problem signs are varied, and usually finding one means there are other issues just around the corner. If you observe any of the following symptoms, push piers are highly recommended:  

This list isn’t exhaustive—be on the lookout for other foundation problem signs. Ignoring these issues could make the situation even worse and lead to more expensive repairs.  

Prompt consultation with a local specialist like Basement Authority of West Virginia is essential to prevent further damage. 

Are Push Piers Necessary? 

Absolutely, yes. Postponing foundation repair only worsens problems like settling, resulting in more costly and severe damage over time. 

Push piers play a key role in our holistic approach to stabilize your foundation and potentially return it to its original position.  

Push piers are not the sole solution; we also provide other foundation pier systems that could be more suitable for your home. During a complimentary inspection, our experts will assess which option best suits your specific needs. 

What Are the Benefits of Push Piers? 

Since 2003, our push pier system has been recognized for its superior strength and durability. Customized installations offer multiple advantages, including: 

  • Long-Lasting Stability: Our piers ensure permanent foundation steadiness. 
  • Minimizing Future Damage: By reaching stable soil layers, our piers help avoid further settling. 
  • Lifting Potential: In addition to stabilization, the piers could lift your foundation, closing cracks and gaps. 
  • Custom Support: Piers are placed at calculated depths, tailored for your home’s requirements. 
  • Comprehensive Fixes: Our piers are part of a full suite of stabilization solutions, offering complete peace of mind. 
  • Durable Warranty: Our push piers come with a lifetime warranty for the structure. 

Rely on Basement Authority of West Virginia’s specialized push piers to get the most out of your foundation repair. 

How We Install Push Piers 

When it comes time to install push piers on your property, we understand you want a process you can trust. That’s why our certified installation teams follow a detailed installation process: 

  • Dig down to the home’s footer 
  • Affix specialized footing brackets 
  • Assemble the pier sections 
  • Mechanically drive piers into the soil 
  • Monitor depths and strength 
  • Seal the piers 
  • Shift weight to stronger soil layers 
  • Insert rivets in walls as reference points 
  • Backfill and restore dug areas 

Choose Basement Authority of West Virginia for expertly installed push piers. As West Virginia’s premier foundation repair experts, we craft customized pier solutions suited to your home’s specific needs. 

Why Our Push Piers Are the Best Choice for Your Home 

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, our Push Pier system also offers: 

  • Top-tier steel construction 
  • Enhanced strength through an external sleeve 
  • Below-surface installation (not visible post-installation) 
  • Quality installation and post-install checks 
  • Comprehensive lifetime warranty 
  • Optional yearly maintenance plans 
  • Installation possible throughout the year 

Get in Touch with Basement Authority of West Virginia for Push Piers Today! 

Don’t let your home suffer from foundation problems. The more you delay, the more severe and costly the damage becomes. For over 20 years, homeowners across West Virginia have relied on our excellent service and high-quality solutions. 

Contact our team today for a free, no-commitment inspection today. Our push piers provide a definitive fix for your foundation, possibly lifting it back to its original position.  



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