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Foundation Problem Signs

Foundation damage can show up in many forms. Learn what to look out for and how our expert team can help protect your home.

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Common Foundation Problems

Foundation problem signs can present themselves under, outside, and inside the home. The base nature of a foundation means that any movement or problems with it will be mirrored in the state of the residence. Here we share some of the foundation problem signs you are likely to see in your house.

Floor and Wall Gaps

When your foundation moves in any way, your house moves right along with it. If you notice a gap forming between your walls and floor, then your foundation has sunk. This is a common result of settling soil which is at the root of most foundation problems in West Virginia. Floor and wall gaps not only look bad but can cause extensive damage to the interior walls in your house.

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks can be found inside or outside of the home and result from a shift or movement in the foundation. Cracks in the drywall around the door and window frames are the most frequent placement of interior wall cracks. Exterior cracks occur more frequently in homes made of brick and mortar. These cracks typically appear as a zigzag or stair-step pattern in the mortar. Exterior cracks can get out of hand quickly if you don’t invest in a foundation repair solution.


The sedimentary composition of our West Virginia soil tends to settle under stress. Unfortunately, settling rarely occurs evenly, making the brittle concrete foundation susceptible to heaves, cracks, and sinking. Foundation cracks and unlevel floors are clear indicators of movement in the foundation. If you notice excessive settlement in your foundation, you should consider getting a free inspection.

Foundation Leaks

Water is involved in some capacity with many foundation problem signs. Faulty gutters, inadequate drainage, and improper encapsulation can lead to harmful foundation leaks. Water can harm the structure of your foundation and alter the surrounding soil in a way that leads to foundation movement, cracks, and potentially catastrophic structural damage.

Don’t Ignore the Foundation Problem Signs. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for an Inspection.

If you don’t address the foundation problem signs in your home, the issues are only going to get worse, dangerous, and expensive to repair over time. A quick response is the best way to prevent long-term structural damage caused by problems in the foundation. Our team has the expertise needed to determine the cause of your foundation damage and provide a long-lasting repair solution to protect you, your family, and your investment in your home.

If you notice any of the foundation problem signs mentioned above, you should contact Basement Authority of West Virginia to schedule a free inspection with one of our experts. Thousands of homeowners just like you in Charleston, Huntington, and nearby have trusted us with their foundation repairs, and we are ready to help you too.

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