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Floor Cracks

Cracks in floors can seem like small, harmless issues. However, they indicate serious foundation problems that will only worsen without professional repair.  

Floor cracks signal a weakened foundation in need of expert services, such as what we offer at Basement Authority of West Virginia. We know that cracked floors disrupt daily life and damage your home’s structure. Our foundation repair team identifies the root cause of your cracks for reliable, long-lasting solutions. 

By reading this page, you’ll learn what causes cracks in your floors, the risks of leaving them unchecked, and how Basement Authority of West Virginia’s solutions can restore safety and comfort to your home. 

What Are Floor Cracks? 

Floor cracks refer to fissures or breaks in concrete slab floors. They typically run in straight lines but can spiderweb out from a central point. These cracks can appear due to shifts in the foundation that create unstable ground for floors to rest on. 

As foundation damage progresses unchecked, floor cracks become wider and more numerous. You may notice cracks alongside related issues like: 

Ignoring these signs can allow cracks to turn into gaping holes until floors become unsafe and require full replacement. By addressing floor cracks early, you have the best chance of limiting expensive repairs down the road. 

What Causes Floor Cracks? 

Floor cracks primarily develop from various foundational issues, including: 

  • Settlement: When foundations settle and sink unevenly, known as differential settlement, it damages the level surfaces that floors depend on. Floors crack from the stress and begin separating from walls. 
  • Expansive Soils: West Virginia’s clay soil soaks up moisture and expands. This exerts pressure on foundations and floors that leads to cracking. 
  • Drought Conditions: Lack of rain causes soil to shrink rapidly. Gaps underneath foundations cause them to settle and floors to crack. 
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: After heavy rains, water builds up in soil surrounding the foundation. Floors crack under immense pressure. 

Grasping the underlying reasons for the cracks in your floors is essential for proper repair. Basement Authority of West Virginia provides specialized repair techniques tailored to effectively address the specific problems in your home. 

Can You Repair Cracked Floors? 

Absolutely. With Basement Authority of West Virginia’s solutions, we can repair cracks for smooth, stable floors that match the rest of your home. Attempting DIY fixes often worsens cracking or leaves floors uneven and unsafe due to lack of professional equipment and foundation expertise. 

Our floor crack experts use advanced techniques to meet the highest quality standards. We also address the root foundation problems causing the cracks with our patented stabilizing systems. This combination permanently restores safety and prevents future cracks. 

How We Fix Floor Cracks 

Basement Authority of West Virginia goes beyond superficial crack repairs. Our comprehensive repair approach includes: 

With our proprietary solutions, we achieve long-lasting crack repairs other companies can’t match. 

Why Repair Floor Cracks Now? 

It’s crucial to repair floor cracks quickly before they threaten your home’s safety and value. Here are the risks of leaving them unchecked: 

  • Injuries: Wide cracks catch heels and trip residents. Stabilizing floors makes them safer to walk on. Ignoring cracks risks liability for injuries. 
  • Pest Intrusion: Cracks allow pests to enter and damage floor materials. Sealing them makes access difficult for mice, termites, and other nuisances. 
  • Reduced Functionality: With unlevel floors, doors cannot fully open or close, furniture rattles, and spaces are not as tidy. 
  • Moisture Damage: Cracks enable water seepage that rots subflooring and fosters mold growth. 
  • Diminished Property Value: Home buyers notice uneven floors and small cracks as red flags, but repairs enhance resale value. 

Trust Basement Authority of West Virginia for Reliable Foundation Repair 

Don’t wait for small cracks to turn into safety hazards and expensive repairs. As the first signs appear, Basement Authority of West Virginia can restore stability with proven techniques. 

For more than 20 years, we’ve served West Virginians by identifying root causes before repairing damage. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia today for a free foundation inspection and repair estimate. Discover how our tailored repair plans can get your floors back to safe and even grounding. 


Prompt professional evaluation and repair of floor cracks are advisable. Early detection and repair can lead to simpler and more cost-effective solutions. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for more information and a free foundation inspection. 

The cost for repair varies based on the severity of the cracks and the nature of the required repairs. Basement Authority of West Virginia offers free inspections, transparent pricing, various financing options, and preventative maintenance strategies to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. 

The time needed for repairs can differ based on the crack’s severity and the repair method used. Minor crack repairs might be completed in a day or two, whereas more comprehensive foundation repair solutions could take longer. We provide an estimated timeline during our initial evaluation


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