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Collapsing Retaining Wall

Does your property have a retaining wall that looks like it’s starting to lean or even collapse? This issue indicates that the soil pressure behind the wall has become too great, causing the wall to buckle. If ignored, sections of the wall can fully give way, leading to property damage or injury. 

 With the proper repairs, your landscape can be restored, avoiding further destruction or chaos down the road. In this guide, we’ll help you identify a failing retaining wall, understand why it fails, and why you can trust Basement Authority of West Virginia for reliable foundation repairs

What Is a Collapsing Retaining Wall? 

A collapsing retaining wall refers to a landscape wall that is failing under the pressure of the soil behind it. Retaining walls are structures built to reinforce the soil on sloped land. 

For instance, if your house is built on the side of a hill, you probably have a retaining wall to keep the higher sections of your yard from collapsing. But over time, water or underground pressure makes the soil push against the wall, causing it to crack, crumble, lean, or fully collapse. 

Indications that your retaining wall is at risk of collapsing include: 

  • Cracks along the wall, especially widening cracks 
  • Sections of wall leaning forward 
  • Pieces of wall material breaking off 
  • Wall pulling away from posts or foundations 
  • Visible sinkholes or soil gaps behind the wall 

These issues indicate that the structural integrity of the wall has been severely compromised. If ignored, entire sections can tumble down the slope in a catastrophic collapse.  

In some cases, the issues causing a damage retaining wall could even spread to your foundation and cause damage like settlement or cracking. Don’t delay in contacting the retaining wall repair experts at Basement Authority of West Virginia if your wall shows any concerning signs. 

What Causes a Retaining Wall to Collapse? 

There are a few key reasons that a retaining wall can fail: 

  • Poor Drainage: Saturated soil exerts much greater pressure. When water has no way to drain, it accumulates behind the wall, saturating the earth. This exponentially increases the lateral stress on the wall. 
  • Wall Design or Construction Flaws: Shoddy construction or an improper design can result in a wall unable to structurally withstand soil stress. Walls without proper reinforcement are at high risk of failure. 
  • Soil Erosion: As water erodes soil away from the base of the wall, support is lost, causing leaning and collapse. Nearby trees can also loosen soil with invasive roots. 
  • Excess Weight: Placing heavy objects too close to the top of the wall adds stress beyond what the wall was designed to hold. This can be the last straw causing complete failure. 
  • Freeze and Thaw Cycles: As the seasons change in West Virginia, the expansion and contraction of freezing soil slowly weakens the wall’s structural integrity. 

Can a Collapsing Retaining Wall Be Repaired? 

Absolutely. There are several methods Basement Authority of West Virginia uses to safely repair and reinforce failing retaining walls, restoring their strength and aesthetic appeal. 

While DIY fixes may seem convenient, retaining wall repairs require proper engineering and material selection to permanently stabilize the wall. You should find a professional repair expert to work with; otherwise, you risk wasting time and money on temporary solutions.  

Our retaining wall repair experts have the experience to diagnose the root cause of wall failure and implement customized solutions for robust, long-term results. 

How Basement Authority of West Virginia Repairs Collapsing Retaining Walls 

Our professional team uses a number of techniques to reinforce and protect retaining walls. Here’s what we recommend. 

Drainage Systems 

We inspect your gutters and downspouts to determine if they’re allowing water to flow toward the wall. If this appears to be the issue, we’ll recommend you work with gutter professionals to install a more effective system. 

Wall Anchors 

In order to keep the wall from collapsing in the future, our team installs wall anchors. Here’s what the installation process looks like: 

  • Digging a few feet away from the wall 
  • Drilling a hole into the wall 
  • Inserting a connecting rod through the hole 
  • Placing an earth anchor plate in the dug-up area 
  • Linking the rod and anchor plate 
  • Mounting a wall plate onto the retaining wall 
  • Connecting the plate and rod 
  • Filling the dug-up area with soil 
  • Tightening the plate and rod to possibly enhance the wall 

By working with Basement Authority of West Virginia, you receive leading wall repairs. You can relax knowing your wall will stay safe in nearly any conditions. 

Why Repair Collapsing Retaining Walls Now 

Don’t wait until a catastrophic wall failure causes extensive damage to your property. If you’re Acting now provides these advantages and proves that repairs are worth it

  • Avoid Injury or Damage: The risk of wall collapse will only increase the longer repairs are delayed, creating liability. Protect your family and home. 
  • Limit Expensive Reconstruction: Small retaining wall repairs today save you from total wall rebuilds tomorrow. 
  • Restore Beautiful Landscaping: Well-built retaining walls lend gorgeous dimension to gardens, patios, and other landscapes. 
  • Increase Home Value: Properly functioning retaining walls boost curb appeal and property value at resale. 

Take control of your property’s safety and aesthetics with prompt, reliable retaining wall repairs from Basement Authority of West Virginia. Our solutions stand the test of time. 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Retaining Wall Inspections 

If you see any indications of a failing retaining wall, contact Basement Authority of West Virginia right away. We offer FREE inspections of compromised walls, providing straightforward recommendations and pricing with no obligations. 

As a local, family-owned company, we take pride in serving our West Virginia neighbors. Trust our retaining wall repair experts to return stability and beauty to your property. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection! 



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