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Crawl Space Repair

Open Crawl Space Vents Learn More

Are you noticing a rise in utility bills or feeling a slight chill in your home, even when the heating is turned on? Open crawl space vents could be to blame.  Although vents were previously promoted as a remedy for moisture and humidity control in crawl spaces, research indicates that they often do more harm […]

Concrete Lifting

What is PolyRenewal™? Learn More

PolyRenewal™is a solution developed to restore concrete that has become unstable due to weakened soil. Your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or exterior steps will be as sturdy as the day it was constructed thanks to this lightweight yet durable polymer.

Foundation Inspection Learn More

Why Basement Authority of WV Our Certified Inspectors We live in your community, so we understand the unique challenges your home faces and provide engineered solutions for ultimate protection. Our commitment to your family’s safety and security means that our relationship doesn’t end with the completion of the work. We are here for the long […]

Basement Waterproofing

How to Effectively Waterproof Your Foundation Learn More

Learn more about how water causes foundation damage and how unchecked moisture compromises your home’s structural integrity. Foundation waterproofing is not just a precautionary measure—but an essential step to safeguard your entire home.

Dirt crawlspace

Crawl Space Repair

The Truth About Foundation Vents Learn More

Foundation vents are now being scrutinized due to their potential drawbacks. Recent scientific understanding recommends total encapsulation. Read more from Basement Authority of West Virginia to understand why.


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