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Drywall Nail Pops

Have you observed unfamiliar bumps protruding from your home’s walls and ceilings? These irregularities, commonly known as nail pops, may appear to be mere cosmetic issues. However, they are indicators of more significant foundation problems that could pose a serious threat to your home’s structural integrity. 

As the leading foundation repair company in the region, Basement Authority of West Virginia specializes in accurately diagnosing and permanently resolving foundation damage, including drywall nail pops.  

Learn about the causes of nail pops, how to fix them, and why it’s crucial to contact the experts at Basement Authority of West Virginia at the first sign of foundation trouble. 

What Are Nail Pops? 

Nail pops are small bumps or bulges on drywall walls and ceilings. They are caused by the head of a nail pushing through the layers of paint and drywall, creating a visible imperfection. Nail pops are often dime-sized or smaller but can also be more significant, reaching several inches across.  

Drywall nail pops often accompany other signs of foundation trouble, including:  

If left unaddressed, nail pops will persist, spreading and developing into significant damage. While the occasional nail pop is typical in older homes, frequent occurrences signal underlying foundation issues. Understanding the root cause of drywall nail pops is crucial before choosing cosmetic repair. 

Why Your Home Has Drywall Nail Pops? 

Drywall nail pops are caused by many factors, including: 

Foundation Settlement  

The primary reason for drywall nail pops is foundation settlement. This shifting occurs due to factors such as soil expansion and shrinkage, inadequate drainage, or construction errors. As the foundation undergoes settlement, it disrupts the alignment of the walls, placing stress on the drywall and leading to the occurrence of nail pops. 

Inadequate Building Materials  

Some contractors may opt for lower-grade drywall or nails, elevating the risk of nail popping. The use of inferior materials exacerbates the problem. Additionally, seasonal weather changes and the natural aging of the home can contribute to nail pops. Utilizing higher-quality building materials can be instrumental in preventing instances of drywall nail pops. 

Natural Shrinkage  

The wood framing in new homes undergoes slight shrinkage as it loses moisture in the first few years. This natural process exerts pressure on nails, often leading to drywall nail pops.  

Ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your home requires addressing the underlying cause of drywall nail pops: foundation settlement. 

Can You Fix Nail Pops? 

Yes, drywall nail pops can be fixed. However, DIY cosmetic repairs only conceal the appearance of nail pops temporarily and fail to address the underlying issues that led to drywall nail pops in the first place.  

Without addressing your home’s foundation, nail pops will persist and may worsen over time. The optimal approach is to seek professional, comprehensive foundation repair services. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia provides lasting solutions for foundation damage. We identify the factors contributing to foundation instability and create a customized repair strategy to stabilize and fortify your home. We also conduct annual maintenance to monitor your foundation and implement any minor adjustments necessary to prevent future settlement and nail pops.  

Diligent foundation care ensures your home remains safe and secure. 

How to Fix Drywall Nail Pops 

Homeowners throughout the region trust Basement Authority of West Virginia to provide quality repairs. Here’s how our process works: 

Foundation Inspection 

Our team conducts a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation to locate areas of settlement, instability, and damage. Next, we customize a repair strategy and proceed with the necessary repairs for your home. 

Foundation Stabilization:  

We employ foundation piers that extend deep into the ground, reaching more stable soil. We offer three types of piers, each with its unique installation procedure, but each shares the common goal of permanently stabilizing the foundation and potentially lifting sections to their original state. 

  • Push Piers: These piers are manually advanced into the underlying soil until they reach suitable depths. Utilizing the home’s weight, they counteract damaging forces and transfer the load to stable soil or bedrock. 
  • Helical Piers: Hydraulically installed, screw-like helical piers penetrate beneath the foundation, biting into the soil and anchoring onto bedrock or more stable load-bearing strata. These piers are well-suited for lighter structures. 
  • Slab Piers: Similar to the other types, steel piers are positioned beneath homes with slab foundations to reinforce and potentially elevate the concrete. 

Water Management:  

Controlling moisture is pivotal in mitigating foundation settlement. To address this, we implement waterproofing solutions, including interior drainage systems, sump pumps, and vapor barriers

Basement Authority of West Virginia offers a proprietary line of products tailored to your home’s requirements. Our solutions deliver lasting results that surpass generic fixes and offer effective, long-lasting results. 

Our team conducts annual foundation maintenance inspections to guarantee stability. We make necessary adjustments to supports, such as push piers, to prevent further settlement and the recurrence of drywall nail pops. 

Why Address Nail Pops Now? 

Prompt resolution is a positive step towards maintaining your home’s structural integrity and ensuring your family’s well-being. If left unattended, drywall nail pops can potentially escalate and pose additional threats.   

Here’s why taking swift action is beneficial: 

  • Prevent Further Damage: Proactively addressing drywall nail pops prevents the exacerbation of foundational issues, minimizing the risk of additional problems such as sticking doors and windows. 
  • Preserve Home Value: Timely intervention in foundational problems contributes to the enduring market value of your home. 
  • Ensure Safety: Swift repairs to settling foundations play a vital role in upholding the structural integrity of your home, ensuring a safe environment for your family. 
  • Optimize Cost-Efficiency: Taking prompt action in addressing issues is typically more manageable and cost-effective, reducing future expensive repairs. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s trusted, proprietary solutions offer more effective and long-lasting results than those in big-box stores. 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Proven Foundation Repairs 

While drywall nail pops might appear as a minor inconvenience, they may signal underlying foundation settlement. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia today for a free, no-obligation inspection and repair estimate. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia employs cutting-edge foundation repair solutions designed to stabilize settling foundations permanently and prevent future occurrences of drywall nail pops. Our exclusive repair methods are tailored to your home’s needs and come with long-term warranties. Contact us today to learn more. 


Foundation pier installation times vary based on the severity of foundation issues, the type of piers employed, and the quantity installed. Typically, installation can span from a few days to a week. For personalized solutions and a comprehensive timeline, contact Basement Authority of West Virginia

Drywall nail pop repair costs vary depending on the damage extent and the number of piers required. While they are easy and affordable, drywall patching kits only conceal the cosmetic symptoms of a more significant problem. Professionally installed foundation piers address the root cause of foundation settlement and provide a lasting solution to drywall nail pops.  Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for a free inspection, a precise breakdown of costs, and financing options

Although homeowners can address minor, cosmetic drywall nail pops themselves, for more significant or recurring issues, it is advisable to contact professionals like Basement Authority of West Virginia. Experts possess the expertise to thoroughly assess the underlying causes and provide lasting solutions. Contact us for a free inspection. 


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