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Crawl Space Support Posts

Your crawl space is susceptible to foundation damage as soil settles and moisture builds below your home. Our crawl space support posts provide your crawl space with strong support that won’t fail.

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If you’re seeing saggy sections of floor throughout your house, there’s likely a problem with your crawl space. Don’t let the problem get worse and turn into other foundation problem signs. Get in touch with Basement Authority of West Virginia so we can keep your home secure with our crawl space support posts and prevent foundation damage from getting worse.

How Crawl Space Support Posts Work

Our galvanized steel crawl space supports provide exceptional strength to your home’s floors. When beams and floor joists become weak, our crawl space supports fill in and keep everything protected. Here’s how the installation process works.

  1. Identify Installation Zones: First, one of our specialists will identify where your crawl space is weakest. After the inspection, we’ll be able to mark where each support post will be installed. Once these locations are finalized, we’ll place a footing that will hold the post. 
  2. Fit the Posts: After the footing is secured, its time to place the posts into their positions. Our crawl space support posts are adjustable, so they can fit in practically any crawl space. Using precise measurements, our team fits the posts under your home for protection suited to your individual situation. 
  3. Lift the Floors: Once the posts are fitted, the final step is to secure them and lift your floors back to their intended position. Each of crawl space support post is able to hold up to 24,000 pounds of weight, so your home is guaranteed to stay reinforced.

What Makes Our Crawl Space Support Posts Stand Out?

  • Our crawl space support posts are made with galvanized steel, which protects them from common crawl space issues like mold, wood rot, and moisture.
  • Crawl space support posts can work alongside our other crawl space solutions as well. If your crawl space is dealing with moisture problems, consider installing crawl space encapsulation as well.
  • Our support posts can be adjusted over time, so they will adapt to any changes that may occur to your home or floors – it always helps to have options.

Signs Your Home Needs Crawl Space Support Posts

Sagging Floors

This is the most obvious indication that something is wrong in your crawl space. Anything from weak floor joists to failing wood support beams could be causing sagging floors. Don’t ignore sagging sections of your floor, as they could lead to total collapse. Crawl space support posts keep your floor from sagging in the future with permanent results.

Sticking Doors and Windows

If a problematic crawl space is causing your floors to shift, it’s only a matter of time before this translates into problematic door frames and window frames. Once these structures become misaligned, it can make it impossible to open windows or cause floors to drag along the floor. Crawl space supports can indirectly help put doors and windows back in their proper place.

Uneven Floors

While this may seem similar to sagging floors, the difference is how it affects your home. Sagging floors may simply collapse if left unchecked. However, uneven floors might separate from floorboards and cause cracks to form in walls. Either way, an uneven floor can be remedied with crawl space support posts, so don’t hesitate if you notice this problem sign.


Damage to your crawl space can wreak havoc on the function of your home. Many important systems such as plumbing, electric wiring, and insulation are located in your crawl space. Structural damage to your crawl space can result in leaks, faulty air control, and loss of home power. This ends up costing you even more money than crawl space repair alone. 

While you could fill in cracks with store bought materials, you aren’t getting to the root of the problem. Crawl space support posts stop your crawl space from collapsing, and in turn, keep your walls supported. DIY options will offer a cosmetic fix that might look okay but won’t really be fixing anything in the long run.

We’ve seen this before, and it never works. Concrete might be strong, but our support beams are stronger. Concrete is susceptible to cracking under intense weight. Remember, standard crawl space supports need to hold up your home, the people in it, and all your furniture. Concrete can easily break under this weight, but our steel support posts won’t.

Call Us for a Free Foundation and Crawl Space Inspection

Having a healthy crawl space is key to having a healthy home. No homeowner deserves to deal with structural damage, so let us do the heavy lifting – literally. For nearly two decades, we’ve helped homeowners in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Wheeling, and surrounding areas with their foundation and crawl space needs, and we can do the same for you. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia today to learn more about foundation repair solutions and to schedule a free inspection with one of our specialists!

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