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Egress Windows

A basement is useful for any home, but it’s imperative that this area is safe. That being said, if your basement windows are leaking or failing to meet legal codes, serious issues will arise. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s leading egress windows not only  adhere your basement to code but also create a dependable emergency exit, improved natural light, and reliable leak protection. 

As the leading experts in basement waterproofing in West Virginia, we possess the know-how to correctly fit egress windows, allowing you to relish a safer, more illuminated basement while protecting your family and residence. 

This page will show the indispensability and benefits of egress windows—and how Basement Authority of West Virginia can install them for you. 

What is an Egress Window System? 

An egress window system is designed explicitly to act as an escape route for sub-level areas such as basements. 

Per International Residential Building Codes, every habitable basement area is mandated to have an emergency egress window fulfilling certain standards, which include: 

  • A minimum net clearance of 5.7 square feet 
  • A minimum net clearance opening height of 24 inches 
  • A minimum net clearance width of 20 inches 
  • The maximum floor opening height should not exceed 44 inches 
  • Window wells should have permanently affixed steps or a ladder. 

Additionally, egress windows augment the ambiance by permitting natural light into your basement, thus enhancing its overall value. Crucially, a properly integrated egress window is pivotal for basement waterproofing, constituting a crucial component in maintaining a wholesome, secure livingenvironment. 

Signs Your Basement Needs an Egress Window 

Your basement might necessitate an egress window if: 

  • You are refurbishing your basement or adapting it into a living area 
  • Current basement windows are non-compliant with codes 
  • Basement windows are leaking or in disrepair 
  • Window wells are inundated with water or debris 
  • There’s a lack of natural light in your basement 
  • You harbor safety concerns regarding your existing basement windows 

Addressing any of these concerns is paramount. Reach out to Basement Authority of West Virginia for a complimentary evaluation and quote at the first sign of trouble. 

Is an Egress Window Necessary? 

Absolutely, an egress window is a fundamental part of any well-functioning basement. Without one, you risk structural damage or health risks caused by basement moisture. 

Procrastinating installation can intensify risks and financial burdens. Having an egress window in your finished basement guarantees code compliance and ensures safety during emergencies. 

We advise the prompt installation of premium egress windows in the course of your basement renovation projects to forestall potential hurdles.  

Our egress window solutions align seamlessly with our other basement solutions such as interior drains and sump pumps, comprehensively protecting your basement from moisture. 

What Are the Benefits of an Egress Window? 

Egress windows have several major benefits. With one installed in your home, you will  take full advantage of the following: 

  • Emergency Exit: Egress windows act as an accessible escape pathway during emergencies, as mandated by building regulations. 
  • Enhanced Natural Light: Egress windows illuminate your basement with sunlight, making spaces appear more expansive and welcoming. 
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Many egress windows and wells can elevate your home’s external appearance. 

Optimize the benefits of your new egress windows by entrusting our basement experts with the installation, using our specialized basement and foundation products. Our robustly constructed windows surpass those available in retail stores. 

How We Install Egress Windows 

We meticulously install your new egress windows adhering to the utmost standards: 

  • Site assessment 
  • Removal of outdated window 
  • Marking and creating the opening 
  • Window well installation 
  • Egress window securing 
  • Verification of proper drainage and sealing 
  • Application of translucent window well cover 
  • Refilling and landscaping surrounding the well 
  • Implementation of basement waterproofing methods for a leak-free basement and egress system 

Choose Basement Authority of West Virginia as your trusted egress window and basement waterproofing partner for impeccable installations. 

Why Our Egress Windows are the Best Choice for Your Home 

Our professionally crafted and installed egress windows are distinguished for their: 

  • Compliance with IRC building standards 
  • Design tailor-made for your home 
  • Adaptation to your opening dimensions 
  • Exclusive “Grip/Step” design enhancing safety 
  • Long-lasting, corrosion-free, and maintenance-free materials 
  • Option for yearly maintenance services 

Basement Authority of West Virginia has been proficiently installing egress window systems across West Virginia for over a decade. Homeowners rely on our proficiency and commitment to safety. Get in touch to find out more. 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Egress Window Solutions Today! 

Antiquated and deteriorating basement windows compromise the safety of your household. Secure what’s most precious with robust, code-abiding egress windows. Contact our team today for a free review and estimate. 

Our specialists will examine your residence and propose the perfect egress solutions. Achieve peace of mind with the assurance that your basement is code-compliant with superior windows installed by West Virginia’s leading basement and foundation repair company. 

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