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Over Spanned Floor Joists

Getting around your house when the floors are bouncy and uneven is irritating and potentially dangerous. The usual suspect behind this type of damage is over spanned floor joists. 

Defending your home from structural issues is done best with professional expertise. Basement Authority of West Virginia has leading crawl space repair techniques, providing a modern fix for over spanned floor joists. 

We will walk you through the key points surrounding over spanned floor joists, the causes behind them, and the best approaches for repair. Learn why Basement Authority of West Virginia has been a go-to for homeowners since 2003! 

What Are Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Over spanned floor joists occur when the floor joists—crucial horizontal support beams holding up your main flooring—are spaced too widely and aren’t strong enough to reinforce the floor effectively. 

This jeopardizes the entire floor’s stability, among other problem signs. The main indications of over spanned floor joists in your home include: 

Correct installation and maintenance of floor joists is essential for a level, sturdy floor that withstands the daily traffic in your home. Prompt attention to this type of damage is crucial to avoid further damage and maintain your home’s integrity. 

What Causes Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Your floor joists, situated beneath your home, are vulnerable to various factors that may not be immediately noticeable. 

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the potential causes of damage in your crawl space. Look out for these common culprits: 

  • Excess Moisture: Elevated humidity or water in the crawl space can lead to joist distortion and subsequent floor sagging. 
  • Pest Infestations: Wood-consuming pests (like termites) can severely weaken joist stability. 
  • Foundation Problems: Foundation issues like settling can cause stress imbalances on joists. 
  • Original Construction Flaws: Joists that were initially placed too far apart may provide inadequate support. 
  • Wear and Tear: As time passes, floors and joists might naturally lose strength if not properly shored up. 

Guarding your home against these factors is essential, and prompt action upon discovering them is key. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent the escalation of these issues, saving you from costly and extensive repairs. 

Can You Fix Over Spanned Floor Joists? 

Indeed, rectifying issues with over spanned floor joists is crucial to mitigate further damage and ensure your dwelling’s safety and solidity. 

Simple fixes such as sistering joists or the use of temporary posts often fall short in terms of providing a lasting solution. DIY methods are also not recommended, as they fail to address the root of the problem. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia delivers professional solutions that reinforce your home’s entire framework, preventing future damage to your floor joists and sustaining your home’s structural soundness over time. 

How Basement Authority of West Virginia Fixes Over Spanned Floor Joists 

To comprehensively address over spanned floor joists, the Basement Authority of West Virginia team: 

Basement Authority of West Virginia specializes in customized, industry-leading products that go beyond basic fixes, guaranteeing the most effective outcome for your home. The IntelliJack™ system tackles not only structural issues but also combats the moisture problems that can lead to floor joist deterioration. 

Why Address Over Spanned Floor Joists Now 

Immediate attention to over spanned floor joists is imperative for: 

  • Preventing Further Deterioration: Timely repairs can forestall more serious structural issues. 
  • Increasing Safety: A stable floor is non-negotiable for the safety of everyone in your home. 
  • Maintaining Home Value: Structural repairs can maintain or even increase your property’s value. 
  • Saving Money in the Long Run: Proactive measures can help you avoid larger, more expensive fixes down the line. 

Rely on Basement Authority of West Virginia and our proprietary solutions to thoroughly address over spanned floor joists, offering the comprehensive support your home deserves. 

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Dependable Crawl Space Repair Solutions 

Don’t overlook the signs—sagging and unlevel floors can signal serious structural troubles. Basement Authority of West Virginia is at your service to tackle these challenges. 

Contact us today for a no-cost inspection and to discuss your repair options. Our specialists are ready to develop a strong floor support plan to ensure your home’s stability for years to come. Start your home’s journey to security today. 



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