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Sinking Concrete Steps

If your home is adorned with concrete steps leading to its entrance, chances are you walk on them frequently. If they begin to settle into the earth, they can become misaligned, posing a significant risk to those coming to and from your house. 

The sinking of concrete steps diminishes the beauty of your residence. In West Virginia, due to factors like clay-rich soil, this problem arises frequently. Basement Authority of West Virginia is dedicated to assisting homeowners with this challenge. 

With our industry leading concrete lifting techniques, we ensure your concrete steps are restored to their safe, usable state. Discover the reasons for your step’s settling and how to rectify it. 

What Are Sinking Concrete Steps? 

Concrete stairs that sag present themselves with visible depressions or a reduction in strength, often resulting in uneven surfaces and a loss of structural integrity. 

These irregularities severely impact your home’s protection and appearance. They suggest underlying concerns like soil shifts or structural inconsistencies, typically demanding immediate attention to prevent further deterioration or accidents. Other signs of concrete problems on your land might be: 

These sinking stairs not only compromise the look of your home but can also be trip hazards. Delay in addressing the issue could result in complete concrete breakdown, calling for the expertise of Basement Authority of West Virginia. 

What Causes Sinking Concrete Steps? 

Spotting concrete issues is straightforward, but identifying their root causes might be trickier. Some factors causing sinking concrete steps include: 

  • Soil Movement: Fluctuations in the earth under your stairs can lead to the concrete settling and cracking, especially in clay-rich soil areas like ours. 
  • Soil Erosion: Water flow near or beneath stairs might erode the underlying soil, threatening concrete integrity. 
  • Tree Growth: Expanding tree roots can displace and crack the overlying concrete. 
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycles: Water seeping into crevices, then undergoing freeze-thaw cycles, exacerbates the cracking. 
  • Poor Concrete Preparation: Improperly mixed or set concrete can, over time, lead to its sinking. 

Keep in mind, the elements impacting the steps can also risk your home’s foundational stability, emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions from experts at Basement Authority of West Virginia. 

Can You Fix Sinking Concrete Steps? 

Fixing sinking concrete steps is indeed achievable. Yet, relying on quick DIY fixes or outdated practices might not yield the desired long-term results. 

A holistic approach is essential, both for addressing visible issues and potential underlying threats to the home’s foundation. Basement Authority of West Virginia provides exhaustive solutions, meticulously resolving every aspect to avoid repeat issues. 

The optimal fix is concrete lifting, which we do by injecting dense polyurethane foam beneath the concrete. This procedure swiftly and effectively elevates each slab, with the foam setting within mere minutes. 

Based on the extent of damage, other specialized foundation repairs might be recommended. 

How to Fix Sinking Concrete Steps 

At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we employ a refined concrete lifting tool called SettleStop PolyRenewal™ to lift and maintain sinking concrete stairs. Our process comprises: 

  • Assessment: We start with a free, comprehensive inspection to determine the damage scale and its root causes. 
  • Boreholes: We drill small holes into the compromised concrete. 
  • Port Installation: Injection ports are fitted into these boreholes for the upcoming process. 
  • Polyurethane Fill: PolyRenewal™ flows beneath the distressed concrete. 
  • Stair Elevation: The foam expands, filling voids and gradually lifting the settled parts. 
  • Hole Closure: Once the steps are stable, we seal the drilled holes for a polished finish. 
  • Crevice Sealing: All cracks are filled to fend off future damage. 
  • Safety Measures: Regular maintenance is available to ensure lasting concrete stability. 

Unlike makeshift solutions, PolyRenewal™ provides a lasting means to safely raise and secure sagging concrete steps. 

Why Address Sinking Concrete Steps Now 

Attending to concrete step repairs offers long-term advantages: 

  • Damage Prevention: Neglecting issues speeds up wear and tear. Prompt attention halts these adverse effects. 
  • Safety Commitment: Unlevelled stairs pose accident risks. Concrete lifting eradicates these dangers, ensuring structural resilience. 
  • Value Preservation: Settled or cracked steps detract from your property’s appeal. Efficient restorations not only mend but can amplify your home’s aesthetic and structural value. 
  • Lasting Repairs: Our solutions come with solid warranties, vouching for their durability. Act now to dodge escalating future expenses. 

Trust Basement Authority of West Virginia to assess and rejuvenate your sinking concrete steps. Our exclusive PolyRenewal™ service promises a safe, reliable, and durable solution. 

Engage with Basement Authority of West Virginia for Proven Concrete Lifting Solutions 

Having concrete stairs that are level keeps you, your family, and your guests safe. There’s no reason to live with a potential tripping hazard when concrete lifting solutions are available to every homeowner in our state. 

West Virginia residents have trusted us since 2003. Reach out today for a free assessment and let us keep your property safe for years to come! 


Disclaimer: By “concrete leveling,” we mean the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in most cases lifted, by means of our PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Basement Authority of West Virginia does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.


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