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Sinking Porch

Unfortunately, a sinking porch has larger implications. There could be something weakening the soil in your yard, and it could cause damage to other parts of your home if left unchecked. 

We provide an innovative approach to concrete lifting—one that is built to last. Learn more about what causes concrete to sink in the first place and what you can do to stop the process.  

What Is a Sinking Porch? 

A sinking porch is easily identified as a noticeable descent or change in the porch’s elevation. This typically stems from foundational or soil-related problems, which can also cause cracks on the porch.  

Damage to your porch can cause tripping hazards for you and your loved ones. In addition, it can be the catalyst for larger home issues like foundation damage

A sinking porch might appear alongside other concrete damage, including: 

It’s crucial to address these complications promptly and with expert assistance to uphold your home’s structural soundness. Reach out to Basement Authority of West Virginia at the first sign of these issues. 

Reasons Behind a Sinking Porch 

In most cases, a sinking porch occurs when the soil below becomes damaged. Sometimes this has to do with weather, other times it has to do with construction. Here’s what we see most often: 

  • Soil Compression: The earth beneath parts of the porch compresses over time, whereas other portions remain intact. This inconsistent settling is a primary reason for many sinking porches. 
  • Ground Washout: Water movement beneath the porch can lead to soil washout, making portions of the porch dip. Improperly positioned downspouts amplifying erosion can intensify this. 
  • Heavy Rainfall or Flooding: Excessive water erodes the ground below the porch, causing it to sink into the weakened soil. 
  • Thermal Fluctuations: Frequent ground freezing and thawing, especially in expansive soils, can lead to uneven settling. 
  • Root Interference: Trees drawing moisture from the earth near a porch foundation might result in asymmetrical settling. Root growth can also push against the porch, destabilizing its base. 
  • Concrete Mistakes: Flaws in concrete pouring or setting during its creation can make it prone to fractures, movement, or sinking due to insufficient foundational support. 

Addressing these matters swiftly can prevent escalated degradation, not just to the porch but also to the house’s base. Acting quickly makes it easier to provide lasting repairs and defense. 

Is It Possible to Restore a Sinking Porch? 

Yes, repairing a sinking porch is possible. However, this task works best with a comprehensive approach to concrete repair. Professional help is recommended to effectively manage root causes. 

DIY remedies might provide a short-term fix, but they usually fail to provide lasting stability. Alternative methods such as mudjacking are also not advised. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia employs a tested in-house strategy that targets core issues, whether they involve soil erosion or tree root interference. Our PolyRenewal™ foam injections are crafted to precisely elevate and support a sinking concrete porch. 

Depending on damage severity and your residence’s foundational design, we might also incorporate other foundational repair methods. 

Approach to Restoring a Sinking Porch 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s PolyRenewal™ system adeptly elevates and fortifies your concrete without the need for complete replacement. Here’s what the process looks like: 

  • Thorough inspection of the affected pool deck sections.  
  • Drill penny-sized holes into the damaged concrete.  
  • Place polyurethane injection ports into these holes.  
  • Prepare our exclusive polyurethane foam.  
  • Inject PolyRenewal™ beneath the cracked pool deck.  
  • Foam fills voids in the ground and expands, strengthening weak soil and lifting the cracked sections.  
  • Let the foam cure to a solid state (usually 15 minutes).  
  • Detach the injection ports.  
  • Seal and smooth the penny-sized holes, making them virtually invisible.  
  • Fill any remaining cracks to deter future issues.  
  • Regularly inspect and provide maintenance to ensure lasting concrete protection.  

Our foam solution revitalizes a sinking porch, outperforming traditional techniques. Get in touch with Basement Authority of West Virginia to experience the benefits of this pioneering method. 

Significance of Promptly Addressing a Sinking Porch 

Besides the immediate fix that concrete repair brings, it also has some lasting benefits. By fixing a sinking porch you will experience the following advantages: 

  • Immediate Safety Measures: A sinking porch presents dangers, especially to the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Elevating it mitigates tripping threats. 
  • Avoid Further Degradation: Ignoring a sinking porch accelerates its deterioration as the sinking section endures added stress. Prompt action can bypass severe damage and pricier restorations. 
  • Counteract Water Penetration: If the porch inclines towards your home, water might harm your home’s exterior or get into your basement/crawl space. Water should be directed away from the residence. 
  • Uphold Property Worth: Eradicate unsightly issues and enhance your home’s appeal. Tackling a sinking porch helps your property retain its value. 
  • Restore Usability: A sinking porch loses its functional value. Concrete lifting fixes your porch and makes it usable once more. 

Basement Authority of West Virginia’s distinct solutions for sinking porches promise a comprehensive and lasting remedy. Our high-quality offerings outperform those by mainstream retailers or alternative service providers. 

Choose Basement Authority of West Virginia for Dependable Concrete Elevation Solutions 

A tilted porch is more than an aesthetic concern. Entrust your porch’s revitalization to Basement Authority of West Virginia for premier concrete elevation solutions. Contact us today for a complimentary inspection and say goodbye to concerns about your sinking porch. 

Since 2003, homeowners throughout West Virginia have trusted us to revitalize and safeguard concrete on their property. We assure trustworthy, effective, and long-standing solutions every time! 


Disclaimer: By “concrete leveling,” we mean the process by which cracked, uneven concrete is stabilized, and in many cases lifted, by means of our PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam. Basement Authority of West Virginia does not guarantee that PolyRenewal™ can make your concrete perfectly level.

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