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Concrete Problem Signs

Concrete commonly sustains damage and shows it in the form of cracks, unevenness, and more. As soon as you notice problems with your concrete, contact local repair experts for a permanent repair solution.

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Common Concrete Problem Signs

Concrete is a great building material, but problems can occur that leave you with a damaged, unsightly, or even dangerous concrete structure. If you notice any of the following concrete problem signs, you should address them before the problem worsens and further damage occurs.

Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete is the most common problem sign we encounter at homeowners’ properties. Unlevel concrete can be caused by poor quality concrete, inferior pouring work, or ground settling. Ground settling is especially common in West Virginia because of our above-average rainfall. In addition to looking bad, uneven concrete poses a significant hazard to foot and vehicle traffic, depending on where the damage is. Not to worry, though, because Basement Authority of West Virginia offers the concrete repair solutions you need to even out your concrete.

Unlevel Steps

Another great place to look for early signs of concrete problems is exterior stairs. We find concrete stairs particularly susceptible to reacting to the surrounding changes in soil settling, pressure, and structural stability. Unlevel stairs look bad and cause a safety hazard for those who regularly use them. If your steps are unlevel, you should fix them before the damage progresses or, even worse, somebody gets hurt.

Cracked Concrete

Despite being one of the most compressible materials, concrete is fragile under tension and brittle as a result. While cracking is not preferable, it is a good indicator of an underlying issue that will continue to cause damage if left unaddressed. Cracked concrete can be caused by soil settling or shoddy work during the installation. Either way, you can count on the professionals at Basement Authority of West Virginia to inspect and identify the underlying cause of your cracked concrete.

Pitting, Flaking, and Staining

While concrete staining hurts the visual appearance, pitting and flaking can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the concrete. Pitting and flaking are caused by the quality of the concrete, but we don’t have to do a complete concrete replacement to repair the issue.

You Don’t Have to Live with Concrete Problems. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for a Free Inspection!

There is nothing worse than an unsightly and dangerous concrete problem sign at an otherwise beautiful property. If you notice any of the problem signs mentioned above, you should contact the concrete repair professionals at Basement Authority of West Virginia. Our team lives and works in the communities we serve including Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling, and nearby. So, you can trust our expertise and be confident in our ability to provide you with the lasting concrete repair solutions you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and repair estimate.

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