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Vent Covers

Your crawl space was likely built with open vents along the foundation walls. Learn how these cause damage to your crawl space and how vent covers solve the problem.

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For many years, it was thought that designing crawl spaces with open vents would keep them cool and dry. Unfortunately, this idea backfired, and open crawl space vents actually contribute to rising humidity below your home. This leads to mold, wood rot, and other crawl space problem signs. Thankfully, Basement Authority of West Virginia has vent covers that seal these unnecessary design flaws. Learn more about how they work and how to know if you need them on this page.

How Our Vent Covers Work

  • First, one of our specialists will come to your home to inspect your crawl space. We’ll do a thorough investigation to figure out what exactly is causing the problems in your crawl space. Once we’ve identified the open vents and any other issues, we’ll make an installation plan and set an appointment with you.
  • Next, an installation team will arrive on the appointment date and gather all the crawl space materials needed, including the vent covers. Installing crawl space vent covers is a quick and easy process. We mechanically attach the vent covers over the old vents and ensure they’re fully protected and in place.
  • Lastly, your crawl space will begin to experience the benefits of crawl space vent covers. Lower humidity means a healthier crawl space. Our team will also recommend other crawl space solutions that can be used alongside the vent covers including interior drainage, a dehumidifier, and a vapor barrier. With these other tools, your crawl space stays as dry as possible for years to come.

What Makes Our Vent Covers Stand Out

  • Our vent covers end up saving you money in the long run. Reduced humidity in your crawl space means reduced humidity in your home and less strain on your HVAC system. Your utility bills are sure to decrease.
  • Our vent covers are made of durable PVC. This strong material prevents inclement weather and pesky animals from damaging it or tearing it off.
  • Our vent covers can be installed quickly and without intrusion on your crawl space. Installation is done in just one day which means your crawl space experiences benefits without delay.

Signs Your Crawl Space Needs Vent Covers


Mold is caused by excess humidity in your crawl space. As the mold grows, it breaks down wooden beams which keep your home standing. Vent covers remove one of the elements mold needs to survive –humid air. Without vent covers, your home could face a large-scale mold infestation.


Pests often make their way into your crawl space through open vents. Many pests are drawn to the dark, covered area below your home, especially if they need a place to rest or feed. Additionally, many pests thrive in humid environments such as insects or rodents. All animals can leave behind waste or disease, but vent covers make it much harder for them to get below your home.

Wood Rot

Wood rot is another type of fungus that grows in humid conditions. Unlike mold, it probably won’t spread into your home. However, it leads to structural damage as it destroys wooden support beams. Eventually, you may experience sagging floors or wall cracks. Vent covers help defend against this potentially devastating situation.


While vent covers certainly help decrease the humidity in your crawl space, they can’t keep everything out. We recommend using vent covers alongside other crawl space solutions. These include a vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and drainage system. With all of these tools combined, your crawl space is protected from all forms of water –whether humid air, groundwater, or precipitation.

It all has to do with relative humidity, which determines how much water the air in a particular environment can hold. Warm air can hold more water than cool air. During the summer in West Virginia, the air is warm and sometimes muggy. When the muggy air enters your crawl space, it mixes with the cooler air below your home (since your crawl space is covered from the sun). Since cold air cannot hold as much water, condensation forms within your crawl space while humidity simultaneously rises.

While you realistically could install vent covers, it’s not advised. First of all, store-bought solutions are likely made of less reliable materials than professional vent covers. Secondly, trying to improve your crawl space without adequate experience can end up causing more damage than intended. Also, if any part of the installation process goes wrong, you end up with the same problem as before, only with less money in your pocket. Our professional solutions guarantee a fix.

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Since 2003, Basement Authority of West Virginia has been helping homeowners in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Wheeling, and surrounding areas secure their crawl spaces. We’re always prepared to do the same for you. Keep your crawl space dry and protected from animals and other outside nuisances by contacting us. We’ll schedule a free inspection with one of our specialists and determine the best course of action for your crawl space’s needs. Don’t let crawl space damage get worse. Take advantage of our solutions today!

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