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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Solutions

The condition of your crawl space is essential in maintaining a safe and healthy home. Our crawl space solutions such as vapor barriers and dehumidifiers do just that. Read on to learn more!

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Our Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Solutions

West Virginia is a great place to call home, but the climate isn’t the best for regulating the conditions in a crawl space. Many homeowners are faced with the reality of crawl space repair and encapsulation solutions. The following are some of the most effective solutions we use.


If your crawl space smells musty, there is a good chance you have a moisture problem. Dehumidifiers are the leading way to rid crawl spaces of atmospheric moisture and condensation and the issues they bring. A dehumidifier works similarly to an air conditioner. It cycles the air through a cooling process, condenses the water, and drains it out of the crawl space. Dehumidifiers provide a fair amount of protection but work best with other solutions, such as a vapor barrier and crawl space vent covers.

Vapor Barrier

The most effective long-term solution to crawl space problems is a vapor barrier. This plastic sheet-like material is secured to the crawl space walls and floor. This isolates the crawl space from the earth and prevents vapor and outside air from entering the crawl space. Our thick and durable vapor barrier is 20-mil thick, tear-proof, and has been treated to resist water and mold and mildew growth.

Crawl Space Vent Covers

Crawl space vents have long been thought to improve conditions by allowing air to circulate. The theory sounds reasonable enough, but we have found that open vents allow more moisture, pests, and pollutants inside. We now know the best practice is to seal your crawl space off entirely. The first step in doing this is to install airtight crawl space vent covers.

Sump Pump Installation

If your home has more than a slight moisture problem and you regularly face standing water, a sump pump might be the best crawl space solution. We install sump pumps at the lowest point in your crawl space so water from our interior drainage system drains towards the pump basin. When water enters the basin, the pump turns on and pumps the water away from the crawl space.

Protect Your Home and Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia for Expert Crawl Space Repair

The state of your crawl space is a reflection of the health and safety of your home. To maintain a safe inside, you must regulate the conditions of the underside of your house. You should contact Basement Authority of West Virginia to schedule a free inspection if you notice any common crawl space problem signs.

You can count on us for all your West Virginia crawl space solutions. We do everything from interior drain and sump pump installation to vapor barriers, encapsulations, vent covers, and dehumidifiers. Serving areas including Charleston and Huntington we are your one-stop shop for all things crawl space repair. We have helped thousands of homeowners just like you create a safer and healthier home, and we are ready to help you too!

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