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Driveway Lifting

Don’t let your damaged driveway turn into a cracked, sunken mess. Invest in quality driveway lifting solutions. Keep your property in shape to prevent tripping and falling on the hard pavement.

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How Our Driveway Lifting Solution Works

Your driveway must survive heavy vehicles and harsh weather. If your driveway is cracked and uneven, call an expert like Basement Authority of West Virginia. Lifting your concrete driveway with polyurethane injections is the most creative, effective, and long-lasting repair alternative for your driveway. Improve the appearance of your home by lifting your old, sunken driveway.

Professionals should be the only ones using PolyRenewal™, our polyurethane foam injection, since it takes specialized instruments and expertise. Here’s what to expect from our team on installation day if your inspector recommends concrete lifting with polyurethane foam injections:

  • Drill¾-inch holes in the concrete, about the size of a penny
  • Insert injection ports in the drilled holes
  • Use specialist equipment to make and place polyurethane foam under the concrete
  • Foam expands to fill voids and lift concrete, curing in about 15 minutes
  • Remove injection ports and patch and smooth drilled holes

Why Our Driveway Lifting Method is The Best Choice

  • Long-lasting Solution: Polyurethane foam is a lightweight material that is also extremely long-lasting
  • Safe for the Environment: The foam will not contaminate the soil or water with toxic chemicals.
  • Lightweight Yet Strong: When a heavier fill material would place undue stress on delicate soils, PolyRenewal™ is a better choice because its weight per cubic foot is only 4 pounds, as opposed to the standard fill material’s 120 pounds. PolyRenewal™, despite its lightweight, can endure severe loads and outperforms mudjacking in terms of power.
  • Resistant to Water: When our polyurethane solution is cured, it will not degrade or wash away from underneath the concrete.
  • Noninvasive: Installers may work in confined locations since the PolyRenewal™ injection equipment is small. Unlike other repair methods like mudjacking or repouring, lifting with polyurethane foam involves less drilling and is less disruptive.

Cracks in the Concrete

If you see a few cracks in your concrete, don’t ignore them. They could be a clue that something is wrong with the structure underneath the surface. The cracks in your concrete can be promptly repaired by a local concrete lifting professional that is experienced in utilizing polyurethane foam.

Uneven Driveway

In West Virginia, unstable soils can cause concrete slabs to sink and become uneven. Both your driveway’s look and security, as well as the health of your car, can be impacted by this. You should be able to see these concerns because they are commonly accompanied by uneven slabs.

Pitting, Flaking, and Staining

Concrete damage such as pitting, flaking, and staining can occur because your driveway is exposed to the elements and there may also have been an issue with the initial concrete pour. Pitting causes holes or depressions in the slabs, the concrete can flake off in portions, and chemical reactions can leave stains and discoloration behind.


There are many variables that influence the price of lifting concrete with PolyRenewal™, including the location of the damaged slabs, their severity, and the amount of foam used. However, compared to other repair methods like mudjacking or complete replacement, this one is less expensive and less invasive. Our concrete professionals are happy to perform a free inspection of your concrete to provide you with an estimate of the costs involved.

Professional concrete lifting with PolyRenewal™ polyurethane foam injections can significantly improve the safety of a cracked, uneven driveway. In addition to making your property look better and increasing the value of your house if you ever decide to sell it, this solution also provides a smoother, safer surface for you, your family, and your vehicles by removing hazardous and unpleasant situations.

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics when your driveway has cracks and inconsistencies. Instead, they are the result of a structural issue that can only be resolved by an expert. Caulking or trying another strategy to address the problem with your driveway won’t work. While caulking may improve the appearance of the surface, this does little to address the underlying problems. The best course of action is to have a concrete repair professional in your area perform a free inspection.

Call Us For A Free Inspection

If your driveway is beginning to slope unevenly, contact a professional like Basement Authority of West Virginia. With the help of our experienced crew, we can swiftly and permanently restore your home’s driveway. If you notice minor cracks, pitting, flaking, or unevenness, then your driveway should be repaired before further damage occurs. We are delighted to provide our services to West Virginia homeowners in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, and nearby. We’re also well-versed in the effects of the area’s frequent rain and problematic soil, as well as how both impact your property’s concrete structures. Don’t let your uneven, damaged, or cracked driveway go without repair and lifting. Our staff will do a free foundation inspection for you with no strings attached, so you can be certain that your driveway needs lifting before any money is spent or work is performed.

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