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Basement Water Damage

A basement suffering from water damage can lead to a host of problems – like mold growth and the deterioration of wooden and concrete structures – which makes basement waterproofing the ideal solution to preventing basement water damage.

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Repairing a water-damaged basement can seem daunting. The damage you’re dealing with may have put your home’s structural integrity in jeopardy. If you’ve noticed an increase in moisture in your basement and aren’t sure where to begin repairs, it is time to contact Basement Authority of West Virginia.

What Causes Basement Water Damage 

Water damage can happen in your basement for a variety of reasons. Below, we’ll cover a few of the most common causes of this common but dangerous basement problem.

Hydrostatic Pressure

The soil around your home’s foundation, such as the state’s prevalent sandy loam, collects water and allows hydrostatic pressure to build and push against your home’s foundation. Every pore in your basement will be exposed to water as the hydrostatic pressure on your foundation rises. Moisture seeps through your basement by way of your concrete’s pores, any cracks in the walls or floors, and the spaces around pipes. A leaky concrete wall or floor might allow water to flow in and pool on the floor of your basement, causing issues that can end up affecting the rest of your home.

Damaged Pipes

It is important to remember that hydrostatic pressure can cause damage from within your basement as well as from the weather outside. When your home’s humidity levels rise, your basement’s pipes can burst. They may begin to leak if left in contact with this type of moisture for a lengthy period. If your pipes have been damaged by water, you may be already suffering from moisture issues. Adding moisture to the air in your home can lead to a flooded, damaged basement if your pipes are not repaired.

Poor Construction

During the construction of your home, it’s possible that someone made an honest mistake when constructing the basement of your house. Your structural supports may have given out due to the usage of green wood by a building team, for example. It is also possible that your basement’s foundation or walls are not up to snuff and are buckling, leading to a collapse. As long as you replace damaged supports or otherwise protect your property, you shouldn’t have to worry about witnessing similarly high levels of hydrostatic pressure in your location after you’ve done so.


If you don’t fix your house after heavy rain, flooding may occur in your basement. Ensuring your house is protected from water damage is always a good idea. Hydrostatic pressure will have a far more difficult time damaging your structural supports if your basement is waterproofed. Your basement items will be protected from water damage and your utility costs will be reduced as a result. However, the type of damage you’ve previously experienced should be considered by a basement expert while deciding on the best waterproofing methods for your home. Using dehumidifiers and vapor barriers in conjunction with interior drains and sump pumps is a good idea for optimal protection.

First, you must ensure that the source of the leak has been controlled. The water in the basement cannot be removed until the cause of the leak is no longer an issue, whether that means turning off the water to the house so that you no longer have an overflow from your pipes. The next step is to remove all the water from the area. Sump pumps are the most typical choice for this task. You must also completely dry the affected region. This is a critical step in the procedure. To avoid more humidity and wetness concerns, you must thoroughly dry out the area.

You have to take care of your basement waterproofing issues However, this is not something you should do on your own. Recurring basement water damage is more likely if you ignore basement waterproofing. A waterproofing professional can assist you with the current troubles in your basement once you’ve made sure there is as little flooding risk as feasible there. Foundation Systems of West Virginia can provide you with additional information about basement waterproofing by scheduling a free inspection.

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Our friendly, experienced staff at Basement Authority of West Virginia has the knowledge and tools necessary to completely waterproof your West Virginia home’s basement. Your basement’s water damage will only get worse if you don’t pay attention to common problem signs like cracks and leaks. Keeping tabs on your Charleston,Morgantown, or Huntington house is crucial for this reason.

When it comes to dealing with a wet and damaged basement, you can rely on us because we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across West Virginia address the same issues. Please contact us if you suspect that your basement is suffering from water damage. A free, no-obligation inspection of your foundation, crawl space, or concrete basement is available upon request.

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