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Egress Window

When planning out your basement, you should give some thought to whether or not it will have window wells or egress windows. What requirements are necessary for the successful operation of these solutions?

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How Egress Windows Work

Typically built-in a basement, egress windows are a safe way out of the house in case of an emergency.  Without the right protections, your egress windows could let water into your basement. It’s important to have the best one, whether you already have one or want to add one to make your basement safer and healthier. 

  1. We’ll start by digging, and then we’ll haul away the extra dirt during the first step of your egress window installation.
  2. We cut into your foundation with special tools that cut all the way through in one pass. This makes a smooth cut that doesn’t weaken your foundation.
  3. We use sealant to finish the look and keep water out when framing the window. After the window is in place, we seal the seams with caulk.
  4. Once the job is done, we pack down the dirt around the area and try to make it look as close as possible to how it did when we got there.

Why Our Egress Windows Better Than The Competitors

  • Lightens a Dark Basement: One clear benefit of an egress window is that it lets light from outside into the room. Because most basements are underground, it can be annoying to only be able to use artificial lighting, but if you have an egress window, you may no longer have to do that.
  • Quick Emergency Exit: In case of an emergency, an egress window should offer a quick and safe way out. The window well should be able to help you do that. Many window wells have steps built into them so that you can walk out if you ever need to leave the basement quickly.
  • Adds Value: An egress window can help improve your home’s property value. Because they allow in light, this means you won’t need to use lights as often as you do with a windowless basement. In addition to added light, there is also now a new emergency exit should you require one.

Signs Your Home Needs an Egress Window

Mold Growth

Mold and mildew thrive in dark, damp environments. This makes your home’s windowless basement a prime breeding ground for these harmful spores to take root. Adding an egress window allows in light, reducing the possibility that mold will begin to grow inside the basement.


If your basement is dark, it can be hard to find any cracks that might lead to water seeping into the basement. While an egress window won’t prevent leaks, it will make it much easier for you, as the homeowner, to thoroughly evaluate your basement in better lighting.


A white, powdery substance that is left on concrete when water damage occurs. If you notice this in your basement, it is time to check for any water leaks or seepages. Having better light in your basement will help you notice efflorescence more quickly, making it easy for you to realize you have water damage in your basement.


Smaller window wells that don’t have a built-in way to catch debris tend to get full of debris. Also, if a house isn’t sloped well, more dirt can run into the window wells. The best way to keep dirt from getting into window wells is to buy a well-made window well that keeps dirt out. The installers can also put a clear cover over the window well, which protects your window even more from dust and dirt. You don’t have to worry about safety even though they cover your window. In an emergency, it’s easy to open and take off clear covers.

Yes, another thing to keep an eye on is how much water is in the window well, especially if you live in a wet area. This can happen with egress windows that are good at keeping water out but don’t have drainage systems. A drainage system is a simple way to move water away from your egress window and keep it in good shape. Drainage can also keep water from building up and causing hydrostatic pressure, which can damage the egress windows in a big way.

Egress windows need to be waterproofed properly so that they can stand up to any water that might hit them. You want to make sure water doesn’t get into your basement when it rains or floods. Basement waterproofing problems are often caused by problems with the windows. The best way to keep this from happening is to have egress windows put in by a reputable basement waterproofing expert. If you have both, leaks are a lot less likely to happen.

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At Basement Authority of West Virginia, our team has the skills and tools to install egress windows, which will make your basement brighter and increase the value of your home. If you ignore the signs that water is getting into your basement, the damage that has already been done will only get worse. Because of this, it’s important to keep a close eye on your Parkersburg, Charleston, or Beckley home. We know how to deal with a wet basement because we serve many areas in rainy West Virginia and have dealt with similar problems before. Please let us know if you think water has caused damage to the basement of your home. Contact us if you want to know if there are any signs of water damage in your basement that could mean you have a leak. We offer free inspections with no strings attached.

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