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Concrete Lifting

What is PolyRenewal™?

PolyRenewal™is a solution developed to restore concrete that has become unstable due to weakened soil. Your concrete driveway, sidewalk, or exterior steps will be as sturdy as the day it was constructed thanks to this lightweight yet durable polymer.

Sinking Concrete Slab

A sinking concrete slab is a safety concern and indicates a larger issue. If left unchecked, it could affect your entire home.

Cracked Driveway

A cracked concrete driveway isn’t just an eyesore—it’s a safety risk. Find out how our team can provide a lasting solution!

What is the Cost of Driveway Leveling?

If your driveway has settlement issues, it might be the right time to look into lifting your concrete. While leveling your driveway sounds like a big investment, it is about half the price of complete concrete replacement. Not only will it fix your driveway settlement issues, but it will also add value and longevity to your home. Driveway […]

4 Benefits of Polyfoam Injection

Concrete lifting and leveling has used the same techniques for most of its existence. Mudjacking used to be the go-to method for lifting concrete slabs. Mudjacking involves pumping large quantities of a muddy slurry under for slab leveling, and it can be messy and take time to set. It also used large machinery which sat in […]

Slab Repair After Big Storms

After Hurricane Florence and the secondary rains and flooding, it will be time to take stock of your home, foundation, and belongings. Whether or not your home was in the direct path of Hurricane Florence, homes all over the country were hit with the effects and aftereffects of the hurricane. Many of these had flooding […]

Protect Your Home with Concrete Leveling

When you think of concrete leveling, you probably think about a repair or a fix that is merely for looks. However, concrete leveling can provide many different benefits to you that go past a simple aesthetic fix. Let’s learn about a few of the ways that concrete leveling can protect you and your property indirectly […]

Protect Your Concrete This Winter

There is no doubt about it that the concrete on your property, whether it be your stairs, walkway, or driveway, will need to be replaced at some point or another. But there are a few things you can do this winter to better protect your concrete from becoming damaged.

Tips to Find the Best Concrete Contractor

When you’re looking for a concrete contractor in the West Virginia area, the options seem overwhelming. How do you choose the best concrete contractor for your project? Who will give you the best prices, and also the best work? While not every contractor can get you everything that you want every time, there are some […]


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