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Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting in Morgantown, WV

Known for year-round rainfall, Morgantown homes are susceptible to water damage. This can lead to mold problems, damaged concrete, and a plethora of more problems.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Morgantown, WV

With the hot, wet climate of Morgantown, the largest city in north-central West Virginia, homeowners with crawl spaces may experience various problems like excess moisture and mold. Slowly, these issues will begin to affect the other parts of your home, increasing utility bills and putting your health at risk. Crawl space encapsulation includes the addition of different components, such as a vapor barrier, crawl space dehumidifier, insulation, and an efficient drainage system.

In Morgantown, the sandy soil drains easily. However, it is susceptible to erosion, which could be harmful to a crawl space that has not been fully encapsulated. Additionally, the higher-than-average rainfall Morgantown experiences can turn your crawl space into a wet, moldy spot that affects even the living areas of your home. While there isn’t much year-round humidity, the summer months of June, July, and August can be quite muggy, putting your crawl space at risk of taking on even more water.

Foundation Repair in Morgantown, WV

Ensuring that your home’s foundation is structurally secure is extremely important. Over the years, your foundation may start to settle. This will lead to the formation of cracks, sticking windows and doors, among other issues. Because Morgantown experiences more rainfall than the national average, your foundation is more exposed to potential water damage. Keeping your foundation in good repair ensures that it will be capable of withstanding the harmful effects a hot climate has on a home’s foundation.

During the summer months, Morgantown experiences muggy, hot weather. This climate combined with a large amount of rainfall can cause water to pool around your foundation, leading to many more problems than just cracks. If you notice any places where nails are popping out, floor and wall cracks, or even bowed basement walls, it is time to contact a professional like Basement Authority of West Virginia. Ignoring your foundation problems will only lead to more costly problems, but we have various solutions including wall anchors and wall repair, and foundation piers that will ensure your home’s structural stability for years to come.

Concrete Lifting in Morgantown, WV

Concrete is a major part of a home’s foundation, which is why it so imperative that you repair any damage to your concrete. Cracking, pitting, flaking, sinking, and unevenness are all problem signs signaling that your property’s concrete is in need of repairs done by a concrete lifting professional. Since the soil around Morgantown is known as sandy loam, it is more likely to experience erosion. This can cause concrete structures –such as the driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and patios –around your home to crack, settle, and become uneven.

Our unique polyurethane foam solution, known as PolyRenewal™, can lift and stabilize your concrete in as little as 15 minutes. Because this solution is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down in the frequent precipitation of Morgantown. This state-of-the-art solution easily lifts and stabilizes your property’s concrete so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Our Experts are Here to Help

Our Experts are Here to Help
Our Experts are Here to Help
Our Experts are Here to Help


Vents were formerly thought to help with air circulation and humidity in crawl spaces. Unfortunately, we now know that this is not the case, and that crawl space vents enable both water and hot air from outside to enter. Homeowners are now opting for crawl space vent covers in order to seal off the opening and improve the health of their foundation as a result of this new information. While this is a great first step, it won’t address all of your flooding and humidity issues. If you want to save money on energy and keep the humidity at a minimum, you’ll need more than simply a vent cover.

Water vapor can still permeate through the concrete walls, causing the wetness to increase. When the temperature in your Morgantown crawl space reaches its dew point, the moisture in the air condenses and forms water droplets on the concrete, wood, pipes, and HVAC ducting. If there are enough drops in your crawl space, they will pool together and form a puddle. Because of the freeze-thaw cycle, this becomes problematic in the winter. All of the liquid in your crawl area will freeze, expand, and displace dirt, rip up concrete, and rot wooden posts.

If the humidity is allowed to persist, the foundation will be damaged to the point where water will leak through the vent cover despite its presence. A vapor barrier, a dehumidifier, an interior drainage system, and a sump pump are all necessary additions to your crawl space. It may appear to be a lot, but keep in mind that crawl spaces are mostly below grade. They’re the portion of your house that gets the most moisture, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

The wooden floor joists in your foundation support the flooring of your Morgantown home. Check on those support joists if a section of your floor feels bouncy one day. They’re particularly vulnerable to harm, especially if your basement or crawl area isn’t waterproof. Look for symptoms of wood rot, which is common in damp foundations, when evaluating your foundation. If your wood is infested, there should be visible indicators in the form of colored stains, but if you’re not sure, you can test the softness of the wood with a pencil.

It’s also possible that the softness of the wood is due to water absorption. When wood is wet, it swells and becomes mushy and fragile, causing the floor to bounce. Another reason could be that the floor support system is poorly built, causing the floor joists to crack under pressure. Whatever the case may be, you should call our foundation experts at Foundation Repair of West Virginia to see what can be done about repairs. While it may appear that the problem may be solved by merely sistering a joist, professionals can help you get to the root of any foundation issues.

Your floor joists do not have to be replaced if your floors are bouncy. Sometimes all they require is a little reinforcement. They can be saved and IntelliJack™ can help sustain the floor depending on the damage. It’s a crawl space support joist that aids in the performance of weak floor joists. Any crawl space and any future settling concern can be accommodated using IntelliJack™.

It’s always a good idea to look into the numerous foundation repair solutions that Basement Authority of West Virginia has to offer. However, when they all appear to fulfill the same job, it might be perplexing. The IntelliBrace™ system and our carbon fiber wall straps are two very similar alternatives that the average Morgantown homeowner may not be aware of. After all, they both protect your foundation walls from bowing.

Carbon fiber wall straps serve primarily as a stabilizing agent. At first glance, these flimsy-looking straps may not appeal to you. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is recognized as one of the most durable man-made materials. It is nothing to scoff at, as it is 10 times stronger than steel and is utilized in the construction of race vehicles and aircraft. You can bet they’ll be even harder bracing when they’re affixed to your foundation wall using epoxy resin. You may rely on these straps to specifically stabilize the most vulnerable areas of your foundation wall, which our foundation specialists will promptly calculate. You should not attempt to install these straps yourself because they will demand a great deal of precision.

The IntelliBrace™ I-beam technology, on the other hand, takes a more proactive approach to preventing bowing. The galvanized steel beams are capable of pushing against bowing foundation walls that have more than two inches of movement. Braces run along the top and bottom of each beam, securing it to the wall. To straighten up and finally stabilize your foundation walls again, the large bolt at the top of the will need to be slowly tightened by our experts at exact increments over time.

When water starts to pool in your basement, it’s a clear sign that you’ve got a significant leakage problem. These leaks should not be overlooked in any way. They have the ability to spread outward and flood your basement at any time. This is why putting a bucket beneath these leaks and hoping for the best isn’t a good idea. The average Morgantown resident will wish to stop these leaks but may be unable to pinpoint what is causing them in the first place.

Leaks can be caused by a multitude of things. Moisture damage is especially common in the sandy loam soil around your home. It can not only wash out during heavy storms, but it can also absorb more precipitation than it can properly contain. That moisture can then build up against your basement walls and eventually leak through. You may also feel your basement walls leaning inward due to the pressure. Broken plumbing can also cause leaks, which are usually accompanied by a terrible odor that only seems to linger in the basement.

Leaks will also enter your basement through any gaps that occur. Leaks, in fact, can aid in the widening of cracks and vice versa. The basement professionals at Basement Authority of West Virginia can perform a variety of repairs to repair these cracks and prevent bowing. Any water that seeps through your walls is collected by our interior drainage system and directed to a sump pump. This self-activating pump can then push it away from your house into a storm drain or drainage trench. You can rest assured that your basement will remain waterproof no matter what happens.

The stack effect is a concept that describes how air travels throughout your Morgantown home, especially during periods of intense weather. The humid air outside infiltrates the foundation throughout the summer. Due to the fact that hot air is lighter than cold air, the air in your foundation rises and enters your home. Because of the stack effect, your foundation provides about 50 percent of the air you breathe in your home. Something similar happens in the winter.

The heated air in your home rises due to air buoyancy and has difficulty moving throughout your home due to the dense, cold air flowing from the foundation. While all of the warm air from your HVAC system escapes through the attic or chimney, your floors remain frigid. The stack effect has an impact on many parts of your life, including your energy use in the winter and summer. Your HVAC has to work harder as a result of the intruding air, burning more energy than necessary. This problem is solved by waterproofing and encapsulating your foundation, which also reduces your energy expenditures significantly.

The stack effect can also be harmful to one’s health. If your basement or crawl space has mold, the spores will be carried up into your home as the warm air rises. Mold spores can cause allergies and irritation of the eyes, skin, throat, and nose. Long-term mold exposure can cause lasting respiratory problems, therefore waterproofing your foundation should be a top priority. You’ll be able to better control air circulation if you control the dampness in your foundation.

Concrete is not impervious to damage. It’s much like anything else in your house when it comes to moisture damage. However, because many Morgantown homeowners believe that their concrete will never be damaged, you may neglect to maintain it as well. Fortunately, Basement Authority of West Virginia’s PolyRenewal™ foam can simply elevate any uneven slabs. No matter how light it appears, this foam is not to be taken lightly.

Other concrete lifting repairs necessitate a loud or messy upheaving of your concrete. They’re also frequently too heavy, dragging down the concrete slabs they’re supposed to lift and stabilize. Some solutions can have a weight of up to 120 pounds per cubic foot. PolyRenewal™ injection foam, on the other hand, weighs only four pounds per cubic foot, so it won’t affect the strength of your concrete. This foam will fill in any voids in the soil below that have occurred as a result of washout difficulties.

Of course, some homeowners may be concerned that the foam would have an adverse effect on their landscaping or lawn. PolyRenewal™ injection foam is made of environmentally safe components that will not leak any dangerous chemicals into the soil. Another advantage of this foam over other methods is how quickly it cures. Unlike other solutions, which can take days or weeks to cure depending on the severity of the damage, PolyRenewal™ foam takes only 15 minutes to cure. The same day we complete these repairs, you will be able to use your concrete sidewalk, driveway, or backyard patio!

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