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Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting in Clarksburg, WV

Clarksburg, WV, experiences higher-than-average rainfall that can lead to soil erosion. When this occurs, your foundation, crawl space, and concrete are at risk of water damage, as well as other issues.

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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation in Clarksburg, WV

The humid and hot summers in Clarksburg can make it difficult to maintain a crawl space. Mold, excessive humidity, and wood rot are all common signs that will pop up in the crawlspace due to the local weather and even soil conditions. Your utility bills will rise, and your health will be put at risk as these problems spread throughout your home. An unprotected crawl space could be at risk from the silt loam soil in Clarksburg, which is prone to erosion, even though it drains quickly. Having a wet and moldy crawl space can cause water to seep into the rest of your home if it rains a lot in Clarksburg. During the summer months, when humidity levels are at their highest, your crawl space is at risk of further water damage.

If you are considering encapsulation, you’ll need a professional to equip your crawl space with a dehumidifier, a vapor barrier, insulation, and an effective drain system. All of these solutions are fully customizable to fit with the unique repair needs of your Clarksburg home’s crawl space. They also are designed to work together to give your crawl space and home the protection it deserves so you will be able to enjoy a safe and healthy living environment.

Foundation Repair in Clarksburg, WV

It’s critical to lay a solid foundation for your house, as it is what your house’s structural integrity relies on. Over time, the foundation of your house may begin to settle. Cracks, sticking windows, and other problems could occur as your foundation’s settlement worsens. When it rains, your home’s foundation is more susceptible to water damage in Clarksburg. Maintaining a strong foundation is essential to withstand the damaging effects of a hot environment.

In the summer, Clarksburg is hot and muggy. Because of the excessive rainfall and humid weather, water can build up around your foundation, which can lead to more serious problems than just cracks running along the outside and inside of your home. A professional like Basement Authority of West Virginia should be called if you notice nails protruding, cracks in the floor and walls, or even bowing basement walls. To avoid even more costly problems, it is important that you repair damage to your foundation. We offer a variety of permanent foundation repair solutions including wall anchors and other wall repair methods, foundation piers, and crawl space supports.

Concrete Lifting in Clarksburg, WV

Repairing any damage to your concrete is critical to the structural integrity of your home and property as a whole. If you notice any common problem signs in your concrete such as cracks, unevenness, and pitting, flaking, or staining, it’s time to call in a concrete lifting professional to do some repairs. Because Clarksburg’s soil is typically silty loam, it is more prone to eroding. As a result, your driveway, sidewalk, exterior steps, pool deck, and patio may become uneven and crack as a result of the movement of the earth.

At Basement Authority of West Virginia, we use a reliable, state-of-the-art solution to put your concrete structures back on solid ground. Lifting and stabilizing your concrete can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes with PolyRenewal™, our polyurethane foam solution. In Clarksburg, where it rains frequently, you don’t have to worry about this solution breaking down because it’s water-resistant. It’s also a less invasive and more reliable solution than older methods like mudjacking.

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One of the most prevalent waterproofing methods used in Clarksburg is sump pump systems. In any home where a sump pump is installed, it is often the first and last line of defense against dampness, water damage, and floods. This is due to the fact that they actively collect and remove water from a space. Sump pump systems are currently available in a variety ofshapes and sizes, and they are quite adaptable. Nonetheless, they all operate in a similar manner and can be divided into two types: submersible and pedestal.

Sump pumps that are designed to be submerged in the water inside the sump pit are known as submersible sump pumps. For a variety of reasons, they are the most widely found pump systems on the market. For starters, submersible pumps are quieter and more stable in general. Submersible pumps also can handle larger volumes of water and are less prone to clog due to tiny debris.

Pedestal sump pumps, on the other hand, are mounted outside of the sump pit and are typically used in situations where space is limited. They regularly fail, and the lack of a secure cover can lead to additional concerns with basement dampness or flooding. The noise they make, their inability to cope with solid particles, and the fact that they can be considered a potential hazard to children, animals, and anyone else who has to pass through the area around them are all disadvantages.

The freeze-thaw effect describes how water freezes and then thaws again into a liquid form. If you want to minimize structural damage, you must protect the concrete on your Clarksburg property from moisture exposure due to the freeze-thaw phenomenon. When water condenses into ice, it expands by around 9%. Despite appearances, growing ice has the ability to displace concrete particles. The concrete weakens structurally over time when there is any form of displacement.

The freeze-thaw cycle can cause small craters to grow inside and along the surface of the concrete. Concrete is porous to begin with, but moisture seeps through even more with each new micro-tear. As more water travels through the concrete, the freeze-thaw cycle displaces the soil beneath it. You’ll wind up with an uneven, structurally weak slab once the concrete sets. On a slab that has been exposed to moisture over the winter, cracking is unavoidable due to the decreased tensile strength of porous concrete.

The severity of the winter climate dictates how dangerous it is to be exposed to the freeze-thaw cycle. Because some slabs like in sidewalks aren’t considered “heavy-duty,” freeze-thaw has a considerably bigger impact on concrete with low psi. Because it keeps the snow off your concrete throughout the winter, covering it is a vital part of slab protection. This way, if your slab settles, you won’t have to replace it due to breakage that prevents repairs.

By removing extra moisture, dehumidifiers can help keep your Clarksburg crawl space dry. The extent of the damage in your crawl space will determine whether or not a dehumidifier will help you solve your problem. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air and, if cycled on a regular basis, can work quite reliably. Dehumidifiers can help protect your space from immediate damage while also preventing the buildup of air pressure that can subsequently circulate moist air throughout your home.

On the other hand, dehumidifiers aren’t a one-size-fits-all answer. If your crawl space has a lot of moisture, combining a dehumidifier with other waterproofing solutions like a vapor barrier, an interior drainage system, and a sump pump is an excellent option. As a result, the several waterproofing techniques will be able to work together to remove unwanted moisture from your space.

Foundation deterioration can be caused by a variety of sources, but they always fall into one of three categories: pressure, lack of support, or faults. Despite the fact that each of these issues is unique, they nonetheless express themselves in similar ways. The most typical signs of foundation problems include spreading cracks, unevenness, dampness, sinking, and heaving. You may discover secondary issues such as wood rot or mold if the damage to your Clarksburg foundation has been there for some time. Because the symptoms are very consistent regardless of the cause, it is vital to get professional assistance in determining the exact cause and the right treatment.

A basic fault or shortcoming in the building or structure of your Clarksburg property’s foundation is the least likely but most significant underlying reason. Defects can develop as a result of bad design, such as architectural errors, or the use of inferior materials, such as improperly mixed concrete. In either situation, the damage could be difficult to repair, and foundation replacement, in part or in whole, would almost certainly be required. On the other hand, damage caused by pressure, or a lack of support can typically be repaired and avoided.

Only the ground can exert sufficient pressure to cause damage to a structure (and incidentally, issues with support tend to be soil-based as well). The most prevalent soil in West Virginia is Monongahela silt loam, however, it isn’t always kind to foundations. Unfortunately, with time, this type of soil settles, creating a gradual shift in the foundation as well as the production of fractures and structural weaknesses that allow water to access the foundation and cause substantial damage. This type of soil may begin to move if it is continually flooded or drenched. When this happens, the hydrostatic pressure around a house can rise significantly, increasing the likelihood of soil runoff. Both of these issues can lead to foundation deterioration, including fragmentation, sinking, cracking, and lateral displacement.

An interior drainage system will be installed around the inside perimeter of your Clarksburg home’s basement. The only visible portion of this system will be the wall flange that runs along the wall and floor juncture. This is where the majority of the water from leaks accumulates. Any moisture that tries to enter your basement will be trapped by the system and routed to a powerful sump pump, which is at the center of the drainage system.

A float mechanism on the sump pump tells it how much water has entered into the basin. The pump will automatically come on when it reaches a particular level and begin pumping water away from your home. For example, you won’t have to worry about needing to switch it on in the middle of a storm. Our pumps have the ability to drain thousands of gallons of water. Even if your electricity goes out, an optional battery backup connected to your sump pump will keep churning away water from your home.

Our sump pumps also have an alarm system that goes off when they switch on and when the backup battery power runs out. You can get the backup battery replaced by our basement experts so that it does not go out in the middle of a storm. This system is simple to install and will not interact with any other pipes in your home. You’ll have a completely waterproof basement in only a few hours.

Have you ever noticed how damp and musty your Clarksburg house smells in the summer? If this is the case, you should inspect the condition of your basement or crawl space. The air from your foundation makes its way up to the higher floors of your home due to a lack of insulation and open airways. Warm air tries to get into colder regions all the time, and hot air from the outside finds its way into your foundation. Because warm, humid air is lighter than cold, dry air, you breathe whatever air is in your ventilated foundation.

Clarksburg’s summers can be quite hot and humid. Mold growth is more likely to persist at this time, and pests are more likely to build a home in your wet, warm basement or crawl space. All the mold, animal droppings, cockroach skins, and stuffy air in your foundation seeps into your airways and into the rest of your house. This is why foul odors are so prevalent in your home throughout the summer. To prohibit this from happening, seal off your crawl space or basement and ensure that it is adequately insulated.

Our thick and robust vapor barrier can be used to completely enclose crawl spaces and prevent water vapor from raising humidity levels. Basement insulation should be inspected to ensure that it is still in good working order. Some insulating materials are absorbent, and after absorbing too much moisture, they stop working correctly. Our rigid thermal insulation panels are comprised of a more reliable, reflective material that keeps the hot air inside and away from your living space for complete crawl space insulation.

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