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Summer 2018 Home Problems

Summer is the time for warm weather and relaxation, but it’s also the time for summer storm systems, flooding from this, and moisture, humidity, and mold problems from weather conditions and your A/C unit.

Humidity & Mold

The kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and the outdoors are calling. It’s time to relax! However, it’s also time to consider summer home problems you might run across this summer.

Mold and fungus behind rubbish bin on wall.

The weather outside really does a number on houses, new and old. Dehumidifiers can be an option to reduce moisture in the air, but if you find that your walls are wet or that you have any standing water then there is a bigger issue at hand here. In this situation, there is most likely a problem with the foundation that is letting in water. This water is getting into the air and causing major problems with humidity and moisture. Eventually, this can lead to mold problems, especially in damp, dark areas. The foundation is likely cracked due to unexpected pressure from water-soaked soil from past heavy rains or storms. The pressure pushes against the foundation walls and causes cracking. Cracks let in water, and water gets the humidity levels in the house boosted considerably. It’s not pleasant to think about, but it’s important to keep your family safe from the health hazards of mold. Dehumidifiers can only do so much, and if there’s a more serious problem it’s time to call the experts and find out what’s really going on.

If you’re having a humidity or mold issue this summer, don’t wait! Mold can be a serious health hazard, and it’s important to protect the health of your family and yourself. Even when it’s not black mold, it can cause problems with asthma and breathing. We can perform a free estimate and find out what’s going on with your home. If it turns out to be foundation related, we can perform mold remediation and work on waterproofing options for your foundation and drainage systems for your yard.


It’s an unfortunate reality that the summer doesn’t just mean fun and games. It can also mean heavy storm systems that bring flooding. If your home is not prepared for water, this can be disastrous. The time is now to prepare. Have us come out to your home and perform a free estimate of what we can do to waterproof and install drainage. We can waterproof your crawl space if you have one, and then we can work to make sure the rest of your exterior is watertight and conducive to keeping water out. We will work to grade the soil beside your foundation so that it drains away. Make sure all downspouts are at least five feet away from the foundation and install a drainage system in your yard if need be. Don’t wait until after the damage has been done and you’ve lost not only precious objects and memories, but also a sense of safety.

Storm Damage

Storms don’t just cause flooding, though. They can cause other awful damage. While we may not be the first company that you think of for storm repair, when your foundation is damaged by trees, debris, and other items, we can be the one to help. Cracks and leaning or bowing walls due to storm damage should never be left the way they are. These can pose an immediate safety risk to you and your family, and they will need repair.

Large storms can also cause foundation damage through excess water. While it may not be flooding and there are no signs of leaks, the ground can become saturated with water and begin to push against the foundation. Eventually, this will cause cracks and water damage. Wait too long to repair and you may even have bowing or leaning walls which will compromise the structural integrity of your home. Basement Authority of West Virginia will never just fix the surface issue and leave you with the problem. We will find the root, or cause, of the issue, and we will remedy that as well as the immediate issue (like foundation repair plus crack repair).

Looking to be prepared before summer storms hit or before that humidity becomes a real problem? Give Basement Authority of West Virginia a call! We can offer you a free estimate to diagnose the problem, and from there we will work with you to resolve waterproofing and drainage issues, solve humidity mysteries, provide mold remediation, or fix damage from storms. We are experts in the area, and we want your home happy, healthy, and safe once more. Give us a call today to get started.

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