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Nows The Time To…

Before cold weather & winter weather arrives, now's the time to waterproof your basement, fix that drafty crawl space, bowed or cracked foundation walls or repair that uneven sidewalk or slab.

With just a few weeks before ole man winter arrives, now’s the time to make those home repairs you’ve been putting off.

That leaky basement won’t fix itself. Now is the time to waterproof your basement PERMANENTLY, using the best technology available in the market today. Basement Authority of West Virginia can waterproof your basement in only a day or two — without having to dig out around your foundation. We even offer a battery backup system, which means that your home can be protected from water even when the power goes out.

Your nasty, drafty crawl space will make your floors cold, and your winter heating bills high — unless you seal out all of the cold outside air. Basement Authority of West Virginia can encapsulate and insulate your crawl space, making it warm and toasty in the winter. More importantly, it will make your home and floors warmer, your home less drafty, save you up to 20% on your winter heating bills AND make your indoor air cleaner and healthier. What are you waiting for, high gas bills?

You see those cracks and bows in your foundation walls? They won’t get any smaller with the freezing and thawing of winter. Now is the time to fix those foundation issues before they get a lot worse and potentially even cause a wall collapse. Basement Authority can straighten those foundation walls, that sinking foundation or that bowed basement wall using the best technology in the market today. We can often fix these issues without digging out around your foundation, making our proven solutions cheaper than traditional repair methods and much less disruptive for you and your family.

Your uneven sidewalk is a tripping hazard in the summer, but a little ice or snow on that uneven sidewalk in the winter can make your uneven sidewalk very dangerous. Basement Authority of West Virginia can lift that uneven concrete sidewalk, floor, slab or driveway back into place using the latest concrete lifting technology. Our technology is so good that you can even drive on it minutes after we complete lifting your driveway. Do you feel like you have to put your vehicle in four-wheel drive just to get into your garage — because your driveway entrance has sunk? We can fix that!

All of the estimates provided by Basement Authority of West Virginia are free and come with no obligation to buy. Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia today to schedule an in-home visit from one of our highly trained specialists.

What are you waiting for, old man winter?

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