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Questions You Should Ask Your Waterproofing Contractor

Homeowners who ask the right questions can typically differentiate between a quality contractor and those whose work may be less than desirable. Here are a few questions homeowners may want to ask contractors they are considering for waterproofing work:

  • Are you a licensed contractor with insurance? (Some “contractors” doing waterproofing work are neither licensed or insured, which puts homeowners at financial risk.)
  • How long have you been waterproofing basements and crawl spaces? How many basements and crawl spaces have you waterproofed? (Experience counts! A company may tell you that they’ve been in business for 50 years, but only have two or three years of waterproofing experience.)
  • Do you offer a written warranty? Is the warranty transferrable if I sell my home? (Knowing that you are protected by a written warranty helps to protect homeowners. A transferrable warranty will be a positive selling point if you ever decide to sell your home.)
  • Are your salespeople private contractors or employees? Do you subcontract out some or all of your work? (Believe it or not, a few home improvement companies hire 1099 contractors to do a lot of their work. For many of these companies, it’s all about the “sale,” not the quality of installation or service after the sale.)
  • How long have you been selling this particular line of products? (Some companies switch product lines frequently, which makes it difficult for homeowners to have their systems serviced in the future.)
  • How long will you stand behind the price quote you gave me today? (A quality contractor won’t mind giving you time to get other estimates and will not offer “fake” discounts for “signing today.” A quality contractor won’t try to pressure you into making a quick decision.)
  • What other work do you do? (A contractor that focuses on numerous areas can never become truly good at one thing — waterproofing your basement or crawl space.)
  • Are you a West Virginia company? (Doing business with a West Virginia company helps our economy and also helps to put West Virginians to work.)
  • Do you have a website or Facebook page? (The more you learn about a company, the more comfortable you should feel that you are making a smart buying decision. Quality companies today want an online presence to give their potential customers an opportunity to learn more.)

A homeowner taking a few minutes to ask these simple, to-the-point questions can often save days, weeks or even months of aggravation — and can often save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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