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What to Do When You Spot Basement Cracks?

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Imagine this: you walk down to the basement to grab something out of the storage area. As you get whatever you were looking for, you notice that there is a crack on the basement wall. Has it been there a long time? Is it new? What do you do next? Let’s find out some of the first steps that you should take when you spot cracks in the basement wall.

Take Note of the Size and Direction of the Crack

The first thing that you should do when you spot a new crack in your basement wall is to take note of the size. How big is the crack? If it less than the width of the edge of a penny, it is likely you have nothing to worry about. However, when it is bigger than that width or when you have water coming in through the crack or have noticed that it is getting bigger over time–there is a bigger problem at play. Additionally, take note of the direction of the crack. While a horizontal crack on the wall could mean that you have the beginnings of bowing walls, a vertical crack could signal typical settlement and may only need sealed to keep out water.

Check to Make Sure it Isn’t Getting Bigger

One easy way to check if a crack is getting bigger is to place a piece of tape on either side of the crack that you spotted. Using a ruler, draw a straight line across both pieces of tape. Over the next few days, check the lines on the pieces of tape and make sure that they are still perfectly in line. If not, the crack is getting bigger, and you should call a foundation repair professional like the experts at Basement Authority of WV.

Call the Professionals

In most cases, foundation cracks are not going to have a DIY fix. Do it Yourself fixes will only cover up the problem and it will get worse in the meantime. Do not try a DIY fix on your newly spotted foundation crack. Instead, call a professional like the experts at Basement Authority of WV. We are happy to come out and give you a free estimate that lets you know what we believe the issue is, what the process will be to fix it, and how much that may cost.

Spotted a new foundation crack? Don’t panic!

Call Basement Authority of WV to schedule a free estimate. We are happy to work with you on your foundation repair and concrete lifting and leveling needs. Don’t panic when you spot a new foundation crack–you may have nothing to worry about! Get some peace of mind with an estimate today.

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