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What to Do About Steps Pulling Away from the Home?

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We don’t spend a lot of time looking at the front door of our home; maybe we have a side or back door that is used a lot more.

But eventually, company comes over, and it’s only then that we finally notice the front steps are pulling away from our home.

Perhaps there are cracks, a gap between the home and the steps, and maybe the stairs are sinking as well.

You may be wondering how this happened, if it really needs to be repaired, and how it can be repaired. So, in this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons that you might have steps that are pulling away from the home and some of the possible solutions.

Possible Reasons for Steps Pulling Away from the Home?

The biggest reason why your front stairs are pulling away from your home is that it is not properly supported by the soil.

This should actually be a bit worrying to you because it may also be the case that your whole foundation isn’t getting the support it needs. In short, it might not just a problem with your front steps.

Whether the soil is an expanding soil, like clay, which will shift over time, or it just wasn’t properly compacted at the time of construction, the soil beneath your steps is moving which causes your steps to settle.

Other reasons for cracks and whatnot in your steps include sinkholes beneath your steps or in your yard, changing temperatures, and other environmental conditions.

Do You Really Need to Fix This?

You might think that steps pulling away from the home are just a cosmetic issue. However, if it is indeed a sign that there are foundation problems in the home, you’ll thank yourself later for acting quickly.

Take it seriously because there could be other issues going on that could cost you a lot more in the future.

Possible Solutions for Problems with Your Steps

The first thing to do is to call a locally trusted foundation and concrete expert and find out what’s really going on with your home’s steps.

This is important because a professional can tell you what’s going on, give you an idea of how they’d like to proceed, and give you a price estimate.

The most common option for your steps could be underpinning, like helical piers or push piers. These are driven into the stable ground deep below the top shifting soils. They provide stability for your home when they are attached with a metal plate to the area that needs help.

However, your contractor may recommend a different option that would work best for your situation.

Have Steps Pulling Away from Your Home?

If you’re seeing this happen to your home, contact Basement Authority of WV; we’ll give you a free inspection and estimate on repairs. But most importantly, we’ll tell give you the tools and understanding to make the best decisions for the structural health of your home.

We are happy to come out and figure out what’s going on, and we will provide you with an idea of what we think is the best option for repair. 

Call us today for more information and to get started!

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