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Sticking Doors and Windows Due to the Weather?

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As winter makes its way into the West Virginia landscape, you may notice that you are experiencing sticking doors and windows. When you try to open a door, you may notice that it either sticks in the frame as you try to pull it or it won’t close. In terms of windows, you may notice that they are more difficult to open or close or that they appear to be out of their frame. Is this due to the weather, or could it be from something else? In many cases, it is really a problem with your foundation. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common signs, solutions, and how the weather relates.

Common Signs to Look Out For:

If you are noticing sticking doors and windows, you may wonder what they are caused by. Is it the humidity? Is it the cold weather outside? Is it the door itself? There are a few questions to ask yourself, and a few signs to look out for when you begin to notice these signs. Number one: when does this happen? If this is a year-round occurrence, it’s very likely that either the doors were put on wrong or the home has foundation damage. There are a few more signs to look for if you suspect foundation damage. If you see cracks around the door or window frame, or you see sloping floors, cracks on the outside of your home, or if there are gaps around the windows or doors. These signs mean that it’s likely that you are experiencing a foundation problem.

Could It Be the Weather?

There’s a possibility that it is related to the weather. When the ground freezes and thaws during the winter season (although we don’t see as much of that in West Virginia as in other areas), the soil gets pushed up against the foundation and raises/lowers it. It can also cause cracks and other damage to the foundation, which lets in water and pests. If you notice that immediately after a very cold night or a frost that your doors and windows are sticking, then it is quite likely that it’s related to the weather. It’s just not necessarily in the way you expected. However, the best way to tell if your sticking doors and windows are related to the weather or foundation problems is to contact a trusted contractor like those at Basement Authority of WV perform a free estimate to diagnose the problem.

Possible Solutions for Sticking Doors and Windows

There are a few possible solutions for sticking doors and windows in your home. If the problem is truly related to humidity or a badly placed door, the fix can be easy and minimal. However, if the problem is due to foundation damage, there will be a few more steps involved in resolving the issue. In most cases, we will want to do foundation underpinning. This could involve foundation piers or helical piers or another method. These piers are driven deep into the ground to provide a stable foundation that does not shift with the weather as it changes. However, each foundation and each problem are different and require unique solutions, and it will be up to your contractor to choose the best method for your home and the problems you are experiencing.

Have Sticking Doors and Windows? Call Basement Authority of WV!

If you are experiencing sticking doors and windows this winter season and you aren’t sure what they’re from, it’s time to call Basement Authority of WV. Whether you’ve had them for years or you’ve just noticed them, a free estimate can’t hurt you in the long run. Contact us today to get scheduled!

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