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Experience Matters

When choosing an expert to work on your home, you will typically save money and prevent a lot of headaches by choosing a well-respected company with the experience to do the job the right way the first time.

My eye doctor gave me some sage advice a few years ago when I talked to him about getting LASIK vision correction surgery.

“If you’re going to have this done, choose someone who has done THOUSANDS of these procedures, who has performed enough of them that he can make the minute adjustments that will give YOU the best results.”

I took his advice and traveled to a clinic that specializes in and does thousands of LASIK procedures each year. I am very glad that I did — after hearing horror stories from a few friends and family members who chose inexperienced doctors to do this same procedure.

This same advice about hiring someone with a lot of experience is just as applicable when you select a company to do work on your home, your largest investment.

Sadly, we hear horror stories all the time from customers who have either received estimates or had work done by other companies. One customer in Morgantown told us how the salesperson from a competitor in Pennsylvania was extremely pushy and pressured her to give him a check before she had a chance to get another estimate. Another customer from Fairmont told us how a competitor from another state left his basement flooded with 10 inches of water, before he called Basement Authority of West Virginia to literally and figuratively bail him out (see picture showing how well this other company’s “waterproofing” job was done).

Yet another customer from the Charleston area explained how a competitor used some pretty unscrupulous methods to try to obtain his business. Another person in northern West Virginia told us he thought he was calling Basement Authority of West Virginia but found out later he had actually scheduled an appointment with a competitor that didn’t show up.

We also hear from customers all the time who are glad they called us for another estimate, after they found that our prices are often 25%, 35%, even 50% lower than their first estimates from other companies. Experience not only impacts the quality of the work, but it also affects how efficiently the job can be completed, which ultimately saves customers money.

Basement Authority of West Virginia has waterproofed more basements and encapsulated more crawl spaces than any other company in West Virginia. Basement Authority of West Virginia has also lifted more concrete using our PolyRenewalâ„¢ technology than any other company serving this state. We have also repaired more foundations using innovative products like IntelliBraceâ„¢ than any other company in West Virginia.

Waterproofing a basement, encapsulating a crawl space, lifting concrete and fixing foundations can be ATTEMPTED by just about anyone, but this work can only be done WELL by an experienced company like Basement Authority of West Virginia. If you choose the wrong contractor, you can end up with a flooded mess in your basement, severe mold and damage in your crawl space, severely broken and cracked concrete (and potentially even a fire from overheated foam!), and foundation issues worse than what you had before work began!

Having served in this industry for nearly two decades, we rely on referrals for a large percentage of our business. There’s a good reason why we are well-respected across the state — because we know what we’re doing, offer competitive prices and have the years of experience that enable us to do your job the right way the first time!

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