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Don’t Fall For The Tactics Of Unscrupulous Contractors!

Basement Authority of West Virginia recently learned that a contractor in the Charleston area is using some pretty unscrupulous methods to try to get customers to sign contracts. First of all, their salespeople tell potential customers that “Basement Authority of West Virginia is going out of business!” This simply isn’t true. Basement Authority of West Virginia has been focusing on basement and crawl space waterproofing longer than any other company in the state. We plan to be in business tomorrow and 20 years from now!

The same sales people also apparently then pressure customers into signing contracts immediately to take advantage of “10% off if you sign right now!” Then, according to customers we’ve talked with, the sales manager calls the very next day, if the customer hasn’t signed a contract, offering another 10% off, but only if the customer “signs today.” Instead of just offering low prices to begin with, this competitor just jacks up its prices, hoping that a few unsuspecting customers will overpay, then offers “discounts” if customers don’t sign a contract immediately.

In contrast, Basement Authority of West Virginia offers low prices to begin with, and these prices are typically lower than even what our competitor offers with their fake “discounts.” If the competitor isn’t successful with any of these unethical tactics, they then resort to claiming that Basement Authority of West Virginia’s products are “inferior” to what they are selling. The truth is that Basement Authority of West Virginia is a part the nation’s largest foundation repair company, Groundworks. Groundworks designs and manufactures an innovative line of products in the USA that have been proven in the market.

Unlike our competitors, we encourage our customers to obtain estimates from other companies so they can compare prices, products, warranties and even the quality of the service they receive. Unlike our competitors, we don’t resort to high-pressure sales tactics and don’t jack up our prices so we can offer fake discounts.

While resorting to unscrupulous tactics may result in a few quick sales, we believe that doing business with integrity is the only way to build a business that lasts.

Give us the opportunity to “earn” your business through quality products, competitive prices, quality service and by doing business the “right” way. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation, no pressure estimate.

Don’t fall for the tactics of unscrupulous contractors!

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