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Standing water in crawl space

Summer Humidity Causes Crawl Space Repair Problems

Over the summer, humidity can cause crawl space repair problems. Whether rain or no rain, moisture can accumulate in your crawl space.

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No Rain, No Repairs…Right?

Many people assume that crawl space repair is only necessary because of heavy rain, flooding, and other big water problems that make it damp and unpleasant. However, in West Virginia and other humid areas, the summer season can cause just as many problems. Although there isn’t a lot of rain (if any), there is a lot of humidity in the air. If your crawl space is unfinished this can cause even more problems because crawlspace vents, high heat, and damp soil is a good recipe for mold and rot. Even if you don’t have puddles of standing water in your crawlspace that doesn’t mean that a few inches below the surface the soil isn’t damp and releasing that damp into the air in your crawl space. West Virginia crawlspace repair can seem like a thing that only happens with excess water, but in fact it is a common summer phenomena.

Why Summer Crawl Space Problems if There’s No Rain?

As previously mentioned, if you have an unfinished crawlspace that means that you have dirt as the floor of your crawlspace. Under the ground, soil is cool, and when the humid, summer air interacts with it, it turns to moisture. This moisture is then released through the soil to travel into your crawlspace. In the crawlspace, this can cause havoc for your supporting beams and your foundation.

Most of us are not visiting the crawlspace every single day. However, this means that unchecked moisture can cause serious damage. Moisture will seep into the beams and your foundation walls and cause rot, crumbling walls, and other foundation problems. Additionally, excess moisture can cause mold. Mold is not only a nuisance, but it can also cause serious health problems and even death. Mold is never something to wait to fix or to ignore.

A Word on Air Circulation and Your Crawl Space

There are a few solutions for crawl space problems, and a few will help you get ready for the rainy season as well. We want you to be able to use your crawlspace as any other usable area of your home. It shouldn’t be a creepy place you have to go down to every once in awhile to grab some old boxes of stuff. Additionally, your family breathes the air that comes out of your crawlspace. The air rises through your home and your family can breathe up to 50% of the air in the crawlspace as it is cycled through the home. This isn’t usually a problem, but when there are mold and rot problems in the crawlspace this can be unpleasant if not seriously damaging to you and your family’s health and safety.

Crawlspace Repair Solutions

The most important summer crawlspace repair is to make sure that the humidity is reduced or eliminated from your crawlspace. This is achievable through several methods. The first step is to get rid of any mold in the crawlspace and make sure that it all taken care of before moving on to any other items. If that’s not taken care of first, there can be serious problems with the integrity of the rest of the structure and with the work that you are placing on top of mold. Additionally, the air problems that can lead to unsafe health conditions will still be present for you and your family. This is why mold remediation is always the first and most important step with any case involving excess moisture.

Next, the crawlspace repair usually moves on to a crawlspace encapsulation or vapor barrier. The vapor barrier finishes off an unfinished crawlspace by placing a layer of protection between the dirt floor and the rest of the crawlspace and leaves it clean, moisture free, and prevented from future moisture entering. It also covers up dirt floors which cause a lot of the problem. With a vapor barrier/encapsulation, you can also have peace of mind with using your crawlspace as a storage area that your items will not be damaged.

Lastly, there are options for drainage systems in the yard, sump pumps, and other elements that may be useful for your specific situation. To get the best advice on what your space needs, call us and get a free estimate. We’re happy to work with you to make sure that your crawlspace is moisture free, and your family is safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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