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Remember Last Winter When Your Floors Were Very Cold?

An area of your home that's out of sight and typically out of mind may be making your home, especially your floors, very cold in the winter.

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The first cold snap of the season reminds us all that winter is not far behind.

Remember last winter when your floors were very cold? They will be very cold again this winter, unless you take action now to stem the flow of cold air into your home. The crawl space, an area of your home that’s typically out of sight and therefore out of mind, may be the culprit making your floors cold and your home very drafty.

Your crawl space can easily allow very cold air into your crawl space and directly into contact with the wood supporting your floors above. Small gaps between the wood or fallen insulation between your floor joists are inviting “highways” for this cold air to move into your living space above. The results are that your floors are cold, and you continue to feel cold drafts — even though you’ve properly insulated your sidewalls and the ceiling above.

A properly encapsulated and insulated crawl space, completely sealing out the cold air from the ground as well as from your foundation walls and sill plate, will dramatically reduce any cold air flow into your crawl space, keeping your crawl space warm and toasty in the winter, making your floors much warmer, reducing drafts in your home and even saving you up to 20% on your home heating bills!

Contact Basement Authority of West Virginia today for a free, no obligation estimate. We will come to your home at no charge, provide you with a free inspection of your crawl space and tell you what can be done to not only save you money on your home heating bills, but to also make your home more comfortable and your indoor air much cleaner.

Contact us today BEFORE old man winter is here to stay!

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