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Musty Smells In Your Home?

Now is the time of year when many homeowners experience musty or rotten smells in their homes. The culprit may not be in your refrigerator, but from your crawl space below.

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Many homeowners report experiencing musty or rotten odors in their homes as the weather warms up each summer. Homeowners will often search around their homes, trying their best to find out what is causing the terrible odors, only to give up after looking carefully in their refrigerators, pantries and dirty clothes.

In many cases, the smells are coming from the crawl space below, where the warm, humid outside air is being mixed with the cooler air in the crawl space, causing a wet mess. As the warmer air cools and condenses, water may be condensing on the floor joists, causing them to rot; insulation may be sucking up the moisture, causing that pink or yellow figerglass insulation to become waterlogged and drop from between the floor joists; and the excess moisture may be a wonderful breeding ground — for rot and mold. Yuck!!!!

For many homeowners, THIS is what they are smelling in their home above — decaying wood; mold or mildew thriving in a moist environment; and stale, putrid water lying on the ground in their crawl space below.

If you have these odors in your home and have a crawl space, now is the time to call the state’s crawl space experts, Basement Authority of West Virginia, to schedule a free, no obligation inspection.

Contact us today to schedule your free inspection. If there aren’t any issues, we will tell you everything’s OK and give you peace of mind. If there are issues, we will find a solution that’s right for your family and your family’s budget.

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