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Can You Give Me A Ballpark Price Over The Phone

Imagine calling up your family doctor with a pain in your stomach and asking, "Doctor, can you give me a 'ballpark' estimate over the phone for what it might cost to fix this?"

Of course, there is no way for your doctor to estimate what it might cost to fix your medical issue, because he has not run any tests or completed a thorough exam. If any doctor gave you an estimate without even seeing you, you should definitely avoid that doctor!

Basement Authority of West Virginia is asked all the time to give an estimate over the phone. We cannot do this because without seeing your home and doing a thorough inspection we don’t know what the problem might be — and without knowing what the problem might be we cannot even begin to determine what the solution might cost.

All of our estimates are free and come with no obligation to purchase anything. Our experts are trained to do a thorough inspection and to design the correct solution for your home.

The “right” solution for each home can vary widely

In some cases, a basement waterproofing solution might be a simple as diverting gutter water away from the home’s foundation to as complex as a full perimeter waterproofing system with multiple sump pumps and even a dehumidifier. Without seeing the home and doing a thorough inspection, it’s impossible for us to determine what the solution and cost might be.

Whether for basement waterproofing, crawl space repair or foundation repair, it’s impossible for us to determine the correct solution and what products might be needed.

While we can’t provide homeowners with prices over the phone, we are very happy to come to your home at no cost to you, conduct a thorough inspection and design a solution that will address the issues in your home. Contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate.

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