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Can You Afford Foundation Repair?

One of the first things that might cross your mind when you realize that you may have a foundation problem in your home is how much money it’s going to cost. This is the biggest concern that a lot of people have when they think about foundation repair, and it’s not always the truth these days. Foundation repair has become a lot more technologically advanced, and this means that some things are much easier to do and last longer than previously. Learn more about some common worries and their answers.

Do I Need to Get Foundation Repair Right Away?

This question has a complicated answer: sometimes. In most cases, you should always get foundation repair done as soon as possible. This is because foundation repair will never get better by itself, it will only stay the same or get worse than it is now. Waiting to repair will not cost you less money, and it may even cost you more–plus it could cost you the safety of your home and family. In the long run, you will be saving money by getting foundation repair right away instead of down the line when it has gotten progressively worse. On the other side of the coin, there are some repairs that can wait a little bit. However, your contractor can recommend the timeline you need to take.

“Foundation Repair is Too Expensive, You Should Never Buy a Home that Needs It”

This is a statement that a lot of people live by. If the home needs any foundation repair, they will steer clear of it–even if it’s the perfect home otherwise. The answer to whether you should buy a home that needs foundation repair is obviously up to you and how much work you want to do to a new home. However, not all foundation repair is going to cost you an arm and a leg. If the price is right, the home is perfect otherwise, and your contractor estimate is reasonable, it can be a good choice to buy a home with foundation issues.

What If I Ignore the Issue?

As in most cases, ignoring an issue will not make it go away and will usually make it get worse. This is exactly the case with foundation problems. When you ignore this issue, you are putting the safety of yourself, your family, and your home’s structure at risk. An unstable home or a home with most any foundation issue could cause big safety problems for you and your family. When these problems are left for months or years, they can develop into really big issues that could cost you a lot of money to fix and put your family in jeopardy.

Contact Basement Authority of WV for Foundation Repair

If you are having foundation issues, but you’re worried about the cost, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to get you set up with an estimate, and then discuss options for payment with you. Never put your family’s safety in jeopardy over a foundation repair issue. Call us today and get it repaired!

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