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Get your Basement Waterproofed Before Winter

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As much as we hate to say it, summer is nearly over. That means fall and then winter is on its way. Shorter days, colder weather, and less time to work on waterproofing projects. So right now is the best time to get basement waterproofing. Winter brings snow and ice, and that can wreak havoc on your basement. Cold, icy weather causes the soil to contract and shrink, which can leave voids around your foundation. A foundation without support from the soil will sink, settle, and crack.

Any ice or snow that melts can make its way through any basement cracks you may have. Water that is in your basement can cause mold, mildew, wood rot, attract pests, make cracks worse, and ruin anything you have stored in your basement. This can happen year-round with rain, but the harsh weather of the winter can be very hard on your foundation. That is why we suggest getting basement waterproofing for your West Virginia home done before the winter months begin.

Basement Waterproofing in West Virginia

If you are looking to have your basement waterproofed, look no further than Basement Authority of West Virginia. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to provide you with top quality waterproofing. Whether you need a sump pump, vapor barrier, crack repairs, or other waterproofing services, we can help.

Sump pumps will remove excess water from your basement so you will not experience flooding. You won’t need to worry about your basement flooding during a storm. Vapor barriers keep out all moisture, mold, mildew, and pests out of your crawl space. It provides a strong barrier that will protect the entire area. Crack repairs will keep water from entering your basement. We can provide you with a free in-home inspection and estimate, as well. We will find the best solution for your specific situation. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!

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